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Corpus Juris aims to raise the bar in legal research by providing a myriad of valuable legal resources and services. These resources and services will be offered to serve not only the professional members of the bar and bench, but also business professionals, legal researchers, law students, and the general public.

The site’s database, navigation, and content framework is nearing completion—ahead of schedule! Currently, a select sample amount of content has already been posted in order to test the capabilities of the database, the robustness of the site template codes, the ease of searching the site, and the validation of HTML and CSS codes. Soon, a large batch of content will be ready for upload and posting. After this, the frequency of updates will continue to increase as we endeavor to publish all the laws and jurisprudence from 1901 to 1950, thus reaching around 1/3 of the total available resources to be posted. Please come back regularly to see the latest updates.

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