About Us

About Us

Corpus Juris aims to become the premier provider of Philippine legal resources and research services. Just like its namesake from the times of the ancient Byzantine Empire, we have strived to create a comprehensive consolidation of the body of laws of the Philippine legal system. From the 1897 Biac-na-Bato Constitution to Republic Act No. 10743 (enacted January 29, 2016), we have always endeavored to deliver the most up-to-date content with the care and precision that Corpus Juris is known for.

Our Story

Several years ago, the founders of this site were trying to find a particular case on the internet. It was late at night and the school library was already closed. Searches on Google, Yahoo (yes, it was that long ago), and even Bing (we were desperate) turned up nothing. We tried a variety of search terms, variations on a theme, even random clicking around Wikipedia. The deeper we sought information from the web, the more we couldn’t find it.

Our frustration at finding no answer to a simple query wasn’t a rare event. This was such a common occurrence to us that it seemed as if none of the resources we were looking for were made available on the web by anyone. On the off chance that we did find what we were looking for, it was presented so terribly that it pained us to read it. The text was so mangled by blinking gifs, ugly page backgrounds, and slow page loading that we just about gave up and settled on old paper books.

Fast forward several months later, with no real change in the situation, we decided that we had to take drastic steps to better the situation. What if we researched those laws and statutes, digitized them, and made it easy to search? What if we added the web’s most basic and most powerful tool to these documents: the hyperlink? We’d be able to find documents with keywords and natural language search and discover connections and correlations that we wouldn’t find on any book or website in existence.

Thus, we founded Corpus Juris.

Core Values

  • We believe in the free and unrestricted access to the law. Corpus Juris will always be free. We will never silo data behind a paywall. The law is part of the public domain and should be available for everyone to read. Our database is open to anyone and everyone who wants to search or browse through it.
  • We believe in the power of technology to facilitate discovery of the law. The law is beautifully complex but we want to alleviate the effort in exploring it so that we can concentrate on what matters.
  • We believe in making the law available to you on whatever device you have at hand, be it your desktop PC, an iPhone, or an Android tablet.
  • We believe that the law shouldn’t be obscure and impenetrable to the average person. It shouldn’t take a legal degree to understand our laws since they affect us directly in everything we do.

These core beliefs have guided us the past 8 years through tireless and painstaking work building up our database of laws, jurisprudence, and administrative issuances. While our goal has always seemed colossal, we’ve made some great progress.

We hope that you enjoy our site as much as we’ve had building it!


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