Act No. 1499

An Act To Prevent The Use Of Explosives And Poisons For Taking Fish In The Waters Of The Philippine Islands

Act No. 1499

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

Section 1. The use of dynamite or other explosive for the killing or taking of fish under water for any purpose except in the execution of bona fide engineering work and the destruction of wrecks or obstructions to navigation, shall be unlawful: Provided, That nothing in this Act shall be understood to interfere with or prohibit the use of mechanical bombs for the killing of whales, crocodiles, sharks, or other large dangerous fishes.

Section 2. The use of any poisonous substance liable to cause the death of fishes for the taking of the same, or the placing of any such substance in fresh or marine waters of the Philippine Islands where it may cause the death of fishes and is intended to cause such death, shall be unlawful.

Section 3. Any person violating the provisions of this Act shall, for each offense, be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred pesos or by imprisonment, in the discretion of the court. All explosives, poisons, boats, tackle, apparel, furniture, or other apparatus used to aid in the violation of this Act shall be forfeited to the Government. The confiscated articles shall be turned over to the Purchasing Agent.

Section 4. The person giving information that has led to the conviction of any person under the provisions of this Act shall receive one-half the fine imposed, and it shall be the duty of the court in rendering the judgment of conviction to ascertain and declare the name of the informer to receive one-half of the fine imposed.

Section 5. The public good requiring the speedy enactment of this bill, the passage of the same is hereby expedited in accordance with section two of “An Act prescribing the order of procedure by the Commission in the enactment of laws” passed September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred.

Section 6. This Act shall take effect on its passage.

ENACTED: May 29, 1906.