Act No. 2812

An Act To Prohibit The Cutting Or Utilization Of Fruit Trees And Bushes In The Public Or Communal Forests Without A Special Permit By The Bureau Of Forestry

Act No. 2812

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, not in possession of a special permit by the Bureau of Forestry, to cut in the public or communal forests, for use as lumber of firewood, any of the following trees ad bushes:

Syzgium spp.: Tampui, Makopa, Yambu, etc.;
Euphoria didyma and E. Rranciles: Alupag, Boboa;
Garcinia spp.: Pili;
Diplodiscus paniculatus: Balobo;
Mangifera caesia: Baluno;
Artocarpus elastica: Bunnihao
Artocarpus odoratissima: Marang;
Lansium domesticum: Lansones;
Diospyros discolor: Mabolo or Camagon;
Litchi Philippinensis: Alupag-amo;
Mangifera altisima: Paho or pahutan;
Psidium guajava: Guayabas, Guaba or Bayabas;
Durio Zibethinus: Durian or Dulain
and others the fruits of which can be used as food for human beings.

Section 2. Any violation of this Act shall be punished for the first offense, a fine double the amount of the charges and penalties on the wood of other forestry products unlawfully cut or removed and for each subsequent offense by such fine and by imprisonment not to exceed thirty days in the discretion of the court.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect on its approval.