Act No. 3118

An Act To Amend And Repeal Certain Sections Of Act Numbered Twenty-Seven Hundred And Twenty-Two, Entitled “An Act To Provide For The Reservation Of Certain Lands Of The Public Domain On The Island Of Sulu, The Usufruct Thereof To Be Granted To The Sultan Of Sulu And His Heirs”

Act No. 3118

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

Section 1. Section one of Act Numbered Twenty-seven hundred and twenty-two is hereby amended to read as follows:

Sec. 1. The Governor-General is hereby authorized and empowered to set aside four thousand and ninety-six hectares of land pertaining to the public domain within the Sulu Archipelago and grant the title thereto in fee simple, subject to the condition hereinafter stated, to Hadji Mohammad Jamalul Kiram, Sultan of Sulu, Datu Rajamuda Muhallil Wasit, Dayang-Dayang Hadji Piandau, Tarhata Atik Kiram, and Emme Atik Kiram, in the following proportions: Hadji Mohammad Jamalul Kiram, Sultan of Sulu, shall receive one thousand twenty-four hectares; Dayang-Dayang Hadji Piandau, one thousand twenty-four hectares; Tarhata Atik Kiram, five hundred twelve hectares; and Emme Atik Kiram, five hundred twelve hectares; Provided, That in order that this Act may take effect, it is necessary that the grantees herein named their heirs and assigns sign an instrument relinquishing all existing and future claims against the Government of the Philippine Islands: Provided, further, That the said grantees, their heirs and assigns shall not, for a period of twenty years from the approval of this Act, alienate or encumber the land herein granted in whole or in part: And provided, finally, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to deprive the State of the right of eminent domain over said land.”

Section 2. Sections two and three of Act Numbered Twenty-seven hundred and twenty-two and such other acts or parts of acts or proclamations and executive orders of the Governor-General as may be inconsistent, with this Act, are hereby repealed.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect on the date of the proclamation of the Governor-General announcing it approval by the President of the United States.