Act No. 3468

An Act Authorizing The Director Of Lands To Sell Certain Lots In The Barrios Of San Roque, Tinago, And Panting, In The City Of Cebu To Their Original Possessors And Claimants Or Successors In Interest, For Other Purposes

Act No. 3468

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

Section 1. The original possessors and claimants, or their heirs or successors in interest, of the following lots situated in the City and Province of Cebu, contested by said claimants in Cadastral Case No. 9 G.L.R.O. No. 9465 and which have been declared Insular Government property, are hereby given an opportunity within one year from the approval of this Act to purchase the same from the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands for taxation purposes, in the year Nineteen hundred and sixteen, when the said case was tried in the City and Province of Cebu:

Lots Nos. 158, 169, 183, 184-B (7457), 186-B (7461), 224, 563, 759-A (7573), 750-B (7574), and 71-B (7417).

Section 2. The original “possessors and claimants” as in this Act used shall be understood to apply only to those who appeared as respective claimants of said lots at the trial of the Cadastral Case No, 9, G.L.R.O. No. 9465, in the Cadastral Court of Cebu.

Section 3. The Director of Lands shall, within thirty days from the approval of this Act, cause a public notice of the sale proposed in this Act to be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in the Official Gazette in English and Spanish and in a newspaper of general circulation in the City and Province of Cebu, Philippines Islands, in the Visayan dialect.

Section 4. In case of the death of the original claimant and if there is more than one desiring to buy a lot under the provisions of this Act, it shall be sold to all the said heirs pro indiviso, or share and share alike.

Section 5. There shall be excluded from the provisions of this Act all those lots which have already been sold by the Insular Government on the date of the approval of this Act and those other lots which have become a part of the northern extension of the Cebu Wharf, bounded on the north by a brook; on the east, by the sea; on the south by the sea and the land of Osmeña Water Works; and on the west, by Los Martinez Street.

Section 6. The Director of Lands is hereby authorized to draw up and sign all the necessary contracts and deeds in behalf of the Insular Government for the speedy compliance and enforcement of this Act.

Section 7. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.