Act No. 72

An Act Declaring That All Trade In Domestic Products Of The Archipelago Of Jolo, Carried On By The Sultan And His People With Any Part Of The Philippine Islands, And Conducted Under The American Flag, Shall Be Free, And Regulating The Same

Act No. 72

By authority of the United States, be it enacted by the Philippine Commission, that:

Section 1. Pursuant to article five of the treaty between Brigadier-General John C. Bates, United States Volunteers, representing the United States, and His Highness the Sultan of Jolo, the Datto Rahaj Muda, the Datto Attik, the Datto Calbi and the Datto Joakanain, all trade in the domestic products of the Archipelago of Jolo, when carried on by the Sultan and his people, with any part of the Philippine Islands, and when conducted under the American flag, shall be free, unlimited and undutiable.

Section 2. The collectors of customs at Jolo, Siassi, or any other of the ports of the Jolo Archipelago, hereafter made ports of entry, are authorized and directed to issue special licenses to masters of vessels belonging to the said Sultan of Jolo or any of his people, authorizing them to ply between the said ports of Jolo Archipelago and any other open ports of the Philippine Islands and to trade in the products of the Jolo Archipelago, and shall demand and receive therefor from the masters to whom the licenses may be issued the sum of one peso, and such special licenses shall be issued for the period of one year, and shall be numbered consecutively, beginning with the number one each year, and each boat so licensed shall be conspicuously marked with the number of such license, name of boat, if any, and the name of port at which licensed.

Section 3. The collectors of customs or any other proper customs officials at Jolo, Siassi, or any other port in the Jolo Archipelago, are further authorized and directed to clear all vessels belonging to the Sultan of Jolo or to any of his people, from said ports to any open port in the Philippine Islands, whenever it shall appear by their inspection that the cargoes of such vessels consist only of domestic products of the Jolo Archipelago, and the collectors of customs or any other proper customs officials at any port in the Philippine Islands into which such vessels so cleared may come, shall allow such cargoes to be discharged without requiring manifests or lists of cargo to be exhibited to them, and shall permit such vessels to take on any lawful cargoes in such ports and shall clear said vessels for their return trips to any open port in the said Archipelago, without charge therefor.

Section 4. So much of General Orders Number Sixty-nine, issued December twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, and of General Orders, Number Thirty-eight, issued March twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred, by the Military Governor, and of any other order which may have been issued by him, as are in conflict with this Act, are repealed.

Section 5. This Act shall take effect on its passage.