C.A. No. 231

An Act to Amend Paragraph Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine of Section Eight of the Act Entitled “An Act to Raise Revenue for the Philippine Islands, and for Other Purposes,” Approved by the Congress of the United States on August Fifth, Nineteen Hundred and Nine, as Amended

Commonwealth Act No. 231

Be it enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines:

Section 1. Paragraph two hundred and sixty-nine of section eight of the Act entitled “An Act to raise revenue for the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes,” as amended by Act Numbered Forty hundred and thirty-seven is hereby further amended to read as follows:

“269. Eggs, not otherwise provided for:

“(a) Fresh or preserved, in natural form, gross weight, one hundred kilos, eight dollars.

“(b) Egg powders, and other preparations of eggs, not otherwise provided for, one hundred per centum ad valorem,

Provided, That imported eggs, fresh or preserved, in natural form, shall be plainly marked with cancelling ink, on the shell of every egg, thus: ‘IMPORTED’.”

Section 2. This Act shall take effect upon the approval thereof by the President of the United States, as provided in the Act of Congress approved on March twenty-four, nineteen hundred and thirty-four, entitled “An Act to provide for the complete independence of the Philippine Islands, to provide for the adoption of a constitution and a form of government for the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes.”