C.A. No. 560

An Act to Provide Security Against Fraud in the Kind of Sawn Lumber Offered for Sale

Commonwealth Act No. 560

Be it enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines:

Section 1. All sawmills are under obligation to issue an invoice for every transaction of sale of lumber. There shall be printed at the foot of every page of the invoice a certificate stating that the lumber or lumbers sold to the purchaser are exactly of the same kind or kinds described in the invoice. This invoice may be couched in the following or similar terms:

“We certify that the kind or kinds of lumber or lumbers listed on this invoice are exactly the same as those sold or delivered (or to be delivered) to the purchaser.”

Section 2. Any violation of this Act shall be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred pesos nor more than five thousand pesos, or by imprisonment for not less than one month nor more than six months, or both. In the case of companies or corporations, their respective presidents, managers, directors or representatives, or in their absence, the persons acting in their stead, shall be held criminally liable.

Section 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.