C.A. No. 602

An Act to Further Amend Article Five of Chapter One of the Administrative Code as Amended by Act Numbered Forty-Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight, and to Provide Penalties for the Unlawful Use of the Arms and Great Seal of the Government of the Philippines or the Commission of Any Act to Dishonor or Ridicule the Same

Commonwealth Act No. 602

Be it enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines:

Section 1. Article five of Chapter One of the Administrative Code, as amended by Act Numbered forty-two hundred and fifty-eight is further amended to read as follows:

Article V
Arms and Great Seal

Sec. 18. Arms of the Philippines and Great Seal of the Government of the Philippines.— The Arms of the Philippines and Great Seal of the Government of the Philippines are these:

“Arms— Paleways of two pieces, dexter, azure, and sinister, gules; a chief, white, bearing three mullets, or dexter, center and sinister; an oval field, white, emblazoning at the honor point the symbolic eight-rayed sun in rayonnant, or each ray-flanked on both sides by lesser and minor rays, or. Crest— The American eagle proper. The right talon grasping a olive branch with eight leaves, vert, and eight fruits, gules, and the left talon grasping three spears, or. Beneath, a scroll, argent, with the word Philippines or, inscribed thereon.

“The Great Seal of the Government shall be circular in form, with the arms as described in the last proceeding paragraph, but without the scroll and the inscription thereon, and surrounding the whole a double marginal circle within which shall appear the words ‘Government of the Philippines, United States of America,’ that two phrases being divided by two small five-pointed stars. For the purpose of placing the Great Seal, the colors of the arms shall not be deemed essentials”

Sec. 19. Custody and use of Great Seal.— The Great Seal shall be and remain in the custody of the President of the Philippines, and shall be affixed to or placed upon all commissions signed by him, and upon such other official documents and papers of the Commonwealth of the Philippines as may by law be provided, or as may be required by custom and usage in the discretion of the President of the Philippines.”

Section 2. Any utterance in speech, writing or drawing, and any act or omission casting dishonor, ridicule, or contanpt upon the arms or Great Seal, as well as its use as trade marks and for industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or designs, and any drawings or in scriptions upon the arms or Great Seal are prohibited and their execution shall constitute; and any person who, either by himself or through another, violates any of the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than to nor more than two hundred pesos, or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both.

Section 3. Tnis Act shall take effect upon its approval.