1901 Jurisprudence, 1901 Cases

1901 Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is essentially the theory and philosophy of law. Students of jurisprudence aim to understand the fundamental nature of law, and to analyze its purpose, structure, and application. Jurisprudential scholars (sometimes confusingly referred to as “jurists”) hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the law, the kind of power that it exercises, and its role in human societies. At a practical level, some jurists hope to improve society by studying what the law is, what it ought to be, and how it actually operates. They seek a deeper understanding behind law’s seemingly unpredictable and uncertain nature.

This section reports 32 cases decided during the period of August 8 to December 26, 1901.

List of 1901 Jurisprudence

Citation Title Date
G.R. No. 12 In the matter of the proceedings against Marcelino Aguas for contempt of the CFI of Pampanga 1901-08-08
G.R. No. 17 Don Luciano Cordoba vs. Warner, Barnes &Amp; Co. 1901-08-26
G.R. No. 26 Walter Jackson vs. Paul Blum, et al. 1901-08-24
G.R. No. 456 In the matter of the application of John W. Calloway for a writ of habeas corpus 1901-08-28
G.R. No. 18 Gaudencio Eleizegui vs. Josefa Arevalo 1901-09-12
G.R. No. 43 Servilio Robles vs. Juan Sanz 1901-09-23
G.R. No. 64 U.S. vs. Vicente Taguibao 1901-09-16
G.R. No. 100 Agustin Asencio vs. Francisco Gutierrez 1901-09-09
G.R. No. 202 U.S. vs. Carlos Rastrollo 1901-09-21
G.R. No. 448 U.S. vs. Philip K. Sweet 1901-09-20
G.R. No. L-1 U.S. vs. Manuel Sy-Tay 1901-10-18
G.R. No. L-85 U.S. vs. Tan Jenjua 1901-10-23
G.R. No. L-94 Jose Emeterio Guevara vs. Tuason & Co. 1901-10-07
G.R. No. L-98 U.S. vs. Inocencio Ancheta 1901-10-14
G.R. No. L-105 U.S. vs. Antonio Alegado 1901-10-16
G.R. No. L-299 U.S. vs. Julian Bertucio, et al. 1901-10-29
G.R. No. L-390 U.S. vs. Florentino Narvaes 1901-10-22
G.R. No. L-455 Rafael Enriquez vs. A.S. Watson & Co. 1901-10-26
G.R. No. L-6 Manuel Garcia Gavieres vs. T.H. Pardo De Tavera 1901-11-14
G.R. No. L-54 U.S. vs. Jose Junio, alias “Bataan” 1901-11-02
G.R. No. L-60 U.S. vs. Isidro Ferrer 1901-11-08
G.R. No. L-85 U.S. vs. Tan Jenjua 1901-11-05
G.R. No. L-91 U.S. vs. Emiliano Paraiso 1901-11-13
G.R. No. L-389 U.S. vs. Florentina Jarrilla 1901-11-05
G.R. No. L-412 U.S. vs. Cayetano Abalos 1901-11-16
G.R. No. L-439 Germann & Co. vs. Donaldson, Sim & CO. 1901-11-11
G.R. No. L-443 U.S. vs. Ira Van Camp 1901-11-13
G.R. No. L-507 In the matter of the petition of A.O. Brooks for a writ of habeas corpus 1901-11-05
G.R. No. L-25 Juan Piñeyro vs. Juan Utor, et al. 1901-12-07
G.R. No. L-112 U.S. vs. Bernardo Patala 1901-12-14
G.R. No. L-126 U.S. vs. Doroteo Ramos, et al. 1901-12-26
G.R. No. L-541 Ramon Orozco vs. Heirs of Pedro Hernaez 1901-12-02