1902 Jurisprudence, 1902 Cases

1902 Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is essentially the theory and philosophy of law. Students of jurisprudence aim to understand the fundamental nature of law, and to analyze its purpose, structure, and application. Jurisprudential scholars (sometimes confusingly referred to as “jurists”) hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the law, the kind of power that it exercises, and its role in human societies. At a practical level, some jurists hope to improve society by studying what the law is, what it ought to be, and how it actually operates. They seek a deeper understanding behind law’s seemingly unpredictable and uncertain nature.

This section reports 161 cases decided during the period of January 7 to December 31, 1902.

List of 1902 Jurisprudence

Citation Title Date
G.R. No. 59 U.S. vs. Sixto Arribas Alcacid 1902-01-11
G.R. No. 424 U.S. vs. Marcosa Peñalosa and Enrique Rodriguez 1902-01-27
G.R. No. 430 U.S. vs. Enrique Rodriguez 1902-08-08
G.R. No. 444 U.S. vs. Leoncio Alfont 1902-01-28
G.R. No. 476 U.S. vs. Licerio Abijan 1902-01-07
G.R. No. 500 U.S. vs. Leocadio Tanjuanco, et al. 1902-01-30
G.R. No. 536 In the matter of the application of Thomas Toye Patterson for a writ of habeas corpus 1902-01-23
G.R. No. 666 In the matter of the petition of J. Garcia Bosque for admission to the practice of law in the Philippine Islands 1902-01-14
G.R. No. 35 Miguel Fabie vs. Feliciana De Guzman 1902-02-11
G.R. No. 65 U.S. vs. Jose Regalado y Santa Ana 1902-02-13
G.R. No. 106 U.S. vs. Emiliano Paraiso 1902-02-14
G.R. No. 198 U.S. vs. Juan Llames 1902-02-14
G.R. No. 417 Feliciana De Guzman, plaintiff-appellant, vs. Miguel Fabie 1902-02-17
G.R. No. 432 U.S. vs. Geronimo Leal, et al. 1902-02-06
G.R. No. 457 U.S. vs. Antonio Sevilla 1902-02-18
G.R. No. 513 Benito Legarda vs. Vicente Garcia Valdez 1902-02-25
G.R. No. 518 U.S. vs. Rosario De Guzman 1902-02-15
G.R. No. 581 In the matter of the application of A.W. Prautch for a writ of habeas corpus. 1902-02-14
G.R. No. 28 In the matter of the estate of Dolores Garces 1902-03-06
G.R. No. 32 Ramon Feced vs. Mariano Abella 1902-03-03
G.R. No. 48 Millat, Marty & Mitjans, et al. vs. the Attorney-General 1902-03-07
G.R. No. 55 U.S. vs. Mariano Ricafor 1902-03-19
G.R. No. 266 U.S. vs. Vicente Del Rosario 1902-03-04
G.R. No. 376 U.S. vs. Francisco Enriquez 1902-03-26
G.R. No. 422 U.S. vs. Nicolas Ancheta, et al. 1902-03-14
G.R. No. 442 Vicente Gay vs. W. Keay 1902-03-14
G.R. No. 445 Pedro Martinez vs. Francisco Martinez 1902-03-31
G.R. No. 482 Fruto Feliciano, et al. vs. Escolastico Fernandez, et al. 1902-03-21
G.R. No. 522 U.S. vs. Teodoro De Leon 1902-03-10
G.R. No. 104 U.S. vs. Alejandro Valdez, et al. 1902-04-22
G.R. No. 108 U.S. vs. Juan Escobar 1902-04-08
G.R. No. 113 U.S. vs. Samarin 1902-04-24
G.R. No. 238 U.S. vs. Leon Ballesteros 1902-04-12
G.R. No. 408 U.S. vs. Francisco Enriquez 1902-04-24
G.R. No. 411 Donaldson, Sim and Co. vs. Smith, Bell And Co. 1902-04-23
G.R. No. 427 Co-Tiongco vs. Co-Guia 1902-04-15
G.R. No. 428 Jose Zulueta Vs. Francisca Zulueta 1902-04-30
G.R. No. 441 U.S. and Maria Concepcion Lucia Sebastiana vs. Mateo Perez 1902-04-09
G.R. No. 452 Gaudencio Simpao vs. Joaquin Dizon 1902-04-30
G.R. No. 472 U.S. vs. Jose Reyes 1902-04-28
G.R. No. 488 Gregoria Martinez vs. Holliday, Wise & Co. 1902-04-05
G.R. No. 505 Francisco Gutierrez Repide vs. Martin Astuar, et al. 1902-04-08
G.R. No. 521 U.S. vs. Francisco De Leon, et al. 1902-04-01
G.R. No. 524 Ramon Mortera vs. Li Ching-Ting, et al. 1902-04-29
G.R. No. 530 U.S. vs. Bernabe Santos 1902-04-16
G.R. No. 534 U.S. vs. Custodio Payog, et al. 1902-04-01
G.R. No. 537 U.S. vs. Hipolito Hilario, et al. 1902-04-09
G.R. No. 539 U.S. vs. Juan Ramos, et al. 1902-04-01
G.R. No. 542 Jose Gonzaga vs. Carmen Cañete 1902-04-01
G.R. No. 544 Edwin H. Warner vs. The Municipality of Pasay 1902-04-19
G.R. No. 555 U.S. vs. Pantaleon Gimeno 1902-04-19
G.R. No. 567 Pio Espiritu vs. Mariano Deseo 1902-04-16
G.R. No. 568 U.S. vs. Francisco Cabe, et al. 1902-04-30
G.R. No. 586 Martiniano Veloso y Grey, plaintiff-appellant, vs. Benita Pacheco 1902-04-30
G.R. No. 597 Juana Moreno Francisco vs. Jose Manuel Gruet 1902-04-15
G.R. No. 852 U.S. vs. Patricio Antonio 1902-04-28
G.R. No. 66 George M. Saul, plaintiff-appellant, vs. Enrique Dalton Hawkins 1902-05-01
G.R. No. 77 U.S. vs. Joaquin Santa Marina 1902-05-01
G.R. No. 924 Pio Ivancich, petitioner, vs. Arthur F. Odlin and the Pacific Export Lumber Company 1902-05-01
G.R. No. 1292 Marcelino De La Cruz, petitioner-appellee, vs. George N. Wolfe, Warden of Bilibid Prison 1902-05-05
G.R. No. 275 U.S. vs. Balbino Rosales, et al. 1902-07-22
G.R. No. 310 U.S. vs. Jacinto Asiao, et al. 1902-07-30
G.R. No. 339 U.S. vs. Damaso Jader 1902-07-18
G.R. No. 384 U.S. vs. Agapito Fortin 1902-07-18
G.R. No. 503 U.S. vs. Elsida Rapiñan 1902-07-15
G.R. No. 587 Fidel Rivera vs. Paula De Guzman 1902-07-14
G.R. No. 967 Dario Eleizegui, et al. vs. The Manila Lawn Tennis Club 1902-07-25
G.R. No. 174 U.S. vs. Francisco Resaba, et al. 1902-08-05
G.R. No. 241 U.S. vs. Lucio Barbasa, et al. 1902-08-06
G.R. No. 257 U.S. vs. Lino Reyes 1902-08-29
G.R. No. 268 U.S. vs. Fruto Andrade, et al. 1902-08-05
G.R. No. 532 U.S. vs. Mauricio Rubeta 1902-08-21
G.R. No. 553 U.S. vs. Martin Perez 1902-08-09
G.R. No. 562 U.S. vs. Carlos Velasco, et al. 1902-08-30
G.R. No. 589 U.S. vs. Felipe Isla 1902-08-20
G.R. No. 596 U.S. vs. Anastasio Carmona 1902-08-19
G.R. No. 876 U.S. vs. John H. Flemister 1902-08-09
G.R. No. 881 U.S. vs. Pedro Alvarez 1902-08-30
G.R. No. 888 U.S. vs. Manuel Garcia 1902-08-16
G.R. No. 890 U.S. vs. Vicente Villamor 1902-08-29
G.R. No. 915 U.S. vs. Ambrosio Tiqui 1902-08-01
G.R. No. 1005 Jose V.L. Gonzaga vs. W.F. Norris 1902-08-26
G.R. No. 307 U.S. vs. Agustin Villanueva 1902-09-12
G.R. No. 500 U.S. vs. Leocadio Tanjuanco, et al. 1902-09-16
G.R. No. 504 U.S. vs. Tomasa De Los Reyes 1902-09-16
G.R. No. 547 Florencio Pozadas vs. Domingo Martinez, et al. 1902-09-11
G.R. No. 848 U.S. vs. Juan Cardona 1902-09-27
G.R. No. 876 U.S. vs. John H. Flemister 1902-09-05
G.R. No. 886 U.S. vs. Adriano Solar 1902-09-09
G.R. No. 887 U.S. vs. Benigno De Vera 1902-09-25
G.R. No. 892 U.S. vs. Juan Luna 1902-09-11
G.R. No. 859 U.S. vs. Braulio Roque 1902-09-13
G.R. No. 929 Thunga Chui vs. Que Bentec 1902-09-05
G.R. No. 937 U.S. vs. Miguel Monton, et al. 1902-09-11
G.R. No. L-110 U.S. vs. Antonio Yacat, et al. 1902-10-24
G.R. No. L-528 U.S. vs. Santiago Bolar, et al. 1902-10-15
G.R. No. L-543 U.S. vs. Jose Mabanag 1902-10-23
G.R. No. L-546 U.S. vs. Manuel Scarella 1902-10-10
G.R. No. L-571 U.S. vs. Thomas E. Kepner 1902-11-11
G.R. No. L-583 U.S. vs. Isidro Paddit, et al. 1902-10-15
G.R. No. L-590 U.S. vs. Isidro Guzman, et al. 1902-10-10
G.R. No. L-875 U.S. vs. Matea Jose, et al. 1902-10-13
G.R. No. L-909 Jovito Yusay vs. Vicente Garcia Valdez 1902-10-02
G.R. No. L-928 U.S. vs. Francisco Buenaventura 1902-10-18
G.R. No. L-946 U.S. vs. Manuel Banzon, et al. 1902-10-22
G.R. No. L-955 Ramon Chaves vs. Ramon Nery Linan 1902-10-29
G.R. No. L-976 U.S. vs. Maximo Abad 1902-10-22
G.R. No. L-996 Luis R. Yangco vs. William J. Rohde 1902-10-13
G.R. No. L-1061 Jurado & Co. vs. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking, Corp. 1902-10-10
G.R. No. L-1089 Angel Gustilo vs. Estanislao Yusay 1902-10-31
G.R. No. L-493 U.S. vs. Antonio Acuña, et al. 1902-11-25
G.R. No. L-552 U.S. vs. Ui Matiao 1902-11-17
G.R. No. L-855 Hijos de I. De La Rama vs. Vicente Benedicto 1902-11-21
G.R. No. L-879 U.S. vs. Ciriaco Baluyut, et al. 1902-11-03
G.R. No. L-880 U.S. vs. Roman Sarmiento 1902-11-14
G.R. No. L-885 U.S. vs. Marcelo De Guzman 1902-11-11
G.R. No. L-922 Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera vs. Vicente Garcia Valdez 1902-11-08
G.R. No. L-927 U.S. vs. Jaime Ubiñana 1902-11-08
G.R. No. L-936 U.S. vs. Catalino Colocar, et al. 1902-11-29
G.R. No. L-947 U.S. vs. Donato Salandanan, et al. 1902-11-04
G.R. No. L-951 U.S. vs. Juan Salandanan 1902-11-13
G.R. No. L-955 Ramon Chaves vs. Ramon Nery Linan 1902-11-21
G.R. No. L-956 Francisco Irureta Goyena vs. Ildefonso Tambunting 1902-11-18
G.R. No. L-959 Juan Ismael vs. Manuel Ganzon 1902-11-03
G.R. No. L-964 U.S. vs. Catalino Ortiz, et al. 1902-11-04
G.R. No. L-968 Francisco M. Go-Quico vs. The Municipal Board of the City of Manila and the Heirs of Balbino Ventura Hocorma 1902-11-26
G.R. No. L-985 U.S. vs. Anacleto Santillana, et al. 1902-11-10
G.R. No. L-989 John Gruidron vs. Lizarraga Hermanos 1902-11-28
G.R. No. L-1064 A.S. Watson & Co., Limited vs. Rafael Enriquez, et al. 1902-11-13
G.R. No. L-1066 Sitia Teco vs. The Heirs Of Balbino Ventura Hocorma 1902-11-22
G.R. No. L-1084 John Fischer, Petitioner, vs. Byron S. Ambler 1902-11-26
G.R. No. L-1105 In the matter of the petition of R.W. Carr, et al. for a writ of habeas corpus. 1902-11-26
G.R. No. L-21 Simona Brillantes vs. Manuel Brillantes, et al. 1902-12-08
G.R. No. L-34 Pablo Palma vs. Juan Cañizares 1902-12-31
G.R. No. L-81 U.S. vs. Ramon Gomez Ricoy 1902-12-27
G.R. No. L-483 Damian Hermitaño vs. Marcelino Clarito 1902-12-31
G.R. No. L-496 U.S. vs. William Fowler, et al. 1902-12-31
G.R. No. L-513 Benito Legarda y Tuazon vs. Vicente Garcia Valdez 1902-12-19
G.R. No. L-551 Mariano Deveza vs. Simeon Guinoo 1902-12-24
G.R. No. L-571 U.S. vs. Thomas E. Kepner 1902-12-09
G.R. No. L-574 U.S. vs. Bonifacio Modama 1902-12-17
G.R. No. L-593 U.S. vs. Joaquin Fernandez y Herrerias, et al. 1902-12-10
G.R. No. L-850 Los Hijos De I. de La Rama vs. Eriberto Mijares 1902-12-23
G.R. No. L-861 U.S. vs. Domingo Viera 1902-12-20
G.R. No. L-868 U.S. vs. Juan Santiago, 2D, et al. 1902-12-15
G.R. No. L-891 Juana Domingo vs. The Warden of Bilibid Prison 1902-12-11
G.R. No. L-899 U.S. vs. Felicitas Ortiz 1902-12-31
G.R. No. L-919 U.S. vs. Vicente Sotelo 1902-12-11
G.R. No. L-926 U.S. vs. Paulo Catequista 1902-12-09
G.R. No. L-932 Pedro Regalado vs. Luchsinger &Amp; Co. 1902-12-31
G.R. No. L-944 U.S. vs. Ubaldo Bornales 1902-12-19
G.R. No. L-945 U.S. vs. Melchor Abelinde, et al. 1902-12-19
G.R. No. L-960 U.S. vs. Bibiano Capisonda 1902-12-19
G.R. No. L-970 U.S. vs. Teodoro Reyes 1902-12-01
G.R. No. L-991 U.S. vs. Francisco Nava 1902-12-19
G.R. No. L-1003 Pio Labayen vs. Rosendo Hernaez 1902-12-23
G.R. No. L-1005 Jose V.L. Gonzaga vs. W.F. Norris 1902-12-03
G.R. No. L-1026 U.S. vs. Victorino Correa, et al. 1902-12-15
G.R. No. L-1035 Maria Del Carmen Viuda De Bustillos vs. Roque Garbanzos 1902-12-04
G.R. No. L-1078 John W. Hoey vs. R.S. Baldwin 1902-12-15