1903 Jurisprudence, 1903 Cases

1903 Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is essentially the theory and philosophy of law. Students of jurisprudence aim to understand the fundamental nature of law, and to analyze its purpose, structure, and application. Jurisprudential scholars (sometimes confusingly referred to as “jurists”) hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the law, the kind of power that it exercises, and its role in human societies. At a practical level, some jurists hope to improve society by studying what the law is, what it ought to be, and how it actually operates. They seek a deeper understanding behind law’s seemingly unpredictable and uncertain nature.

This section reports 215 cases decided during the period of January 1 to December 31, 1903.

List of 1903 Jurisprudence

Citation Title Date
G.R. No. 570 Roberto Roa y Alburo vs. Nicasio Veloso 1903-01-23
G.R. No. 858 Francisco Martinez vs. Pedro Martinez 1903-01-23
G.R. No. 865 U.S. vs. Felix Balmori 1903-01-24
G.R. No. 869 U.S. vs. Benigno Pascua, et al. 1903-01-16
G.R. No. 878 Evaristo Alvarez vs. Leon Montinola, et al. 1903-01-02
G.R. No. 923 Domingo Garcia y Casanova vs. Emeterio Ruiz y Urbina 1903-01-16
G.R. No. 930 U.S. vs. Basilio Tagle 1903-01-10
G.R. No. 931 Pedro Regalado vs. Felix De Los Santos, et al. 1903-01-27
G.R. No. 950 U.S. vs. Emigdio Mendigoren 1903-01-23
G.R. No. 952 U.S. vs. Praxidio Peñoso 1903-01-23
G.R. No. 975 U.S. vs. Ignacio Dacotan, et al. 1903-01-29
G.R. No. 1016 U.S. vs. Catalino Vergara 1903-01-16
G.R. No. 1036 U.S. vs. Regino Valencia, et al. 1903-01-01
G.R. No. 1118 Vicente Gonzalez vs. Telesforo Crisanto 1903-01-10
G.R. No. 1156 Isabelo De Los Reyes vs. Felix M. Roxas, judge of the CFI of Rizal, respondent. 1903-01-05
G.R. No. 1188 Gabriel Fuster vs. E.F. Johnson, judge of first instance of Manila 1903-01-31
G.R. No. 413 Jose Fernandez vs. Francisco De La Rosa 1903-02-02
G.R. No. 506 U.S. vs. The Municipal Council of Santa Cruz de Malabon 1903-02-16
G.R. No. 571 U.S. vs. Thomas E. Kepner 1903-02-14
G.R. No. 847 Eulalio Hernaez vs. Rosendo Hernaez 1903-02-12
G.R. No. 857 Eulalio Hernaez vs. Rosendo Hernaez 1903-02-10
G.R. No. 858 Francisco Martinez vs. Pedro Martinez 1903-02-05
G.R. No. 873 U.S. vs. Secundino Mendezona 1903-02-10
G.R. No. 900 U.S. vs. Pedro Lardizabal 1903-02-14
G.R. No. 905 Isabel Velasco y Resurreccion vs. Francisco Lopez y Lopez 1903-02-12
G.R. No. 910 Prautch, Scholes & Co. vs. Dolores Hernandez de Goyenechea 1903-02-10
G.R. No. 949 U.S. vs. Eulogio De Sosa 1903-02-06
G.R. No. 971 U.S., et al. vs. Ponciano Viloria 1903-02-03
G.R. No. 979 U.S. vs. Eusebio Santa Cruz 1903-02-12
G.R. No. 980 U.S. vs. Eugenio Barbosa 1903-02-20
G.R. No. 999 U.S. vs. Carlos Santiago, et al. 1903-02-10
G.R. No. 1001 U.S. vs. Geronimo Torrente 1903-02-21
G.R. No. 1012 U.S. vs. Isabelo Dinsing, et al. 1903-02-19
G.R. No. 1018 U.S. vs. Ignacio Cruz 1903-02-17
G.R. No. 1032 U.S. vs. Agustin Ablaza 1903-02-19
G.R. No. 1043 U.S. vs. Julian Atienza 1903-02-17
G.R. No. 1070 U.S. vs. Pablo Judit 1903-02-28
G.R. No. 1195 Tranquilina Almadin vs. Celestino Almadin 1903-02-20
G.R. No. 453 Antonio Ventura vs. Paul A. Miller 1903-03-12
G.R. No. 559 Manuel Barrios y Barredo vs. Maria Pascuala Dolor, et al. 1903-03-14
G.R. No. 866 U.S. vs. Apolonio Samson 1903-03-11
G.R. No. 893 I.O. Conchegull vs. Joseph B. Hyams 1903-03-18
G.R. No. 911 Maximo Cortes vs. Jose Palanca Yu-Tibo 1903-03-12
G.R. No. 948 U.S. vs. Macario Callotes 1903-03-09
G.R. No. 955 Ramon Chaves vs. Ramon Nery Linan 1903-03-07
G.R. No. 1000 U.S. vs. Carlos Santiago, et al. 1903-03-06
G.R. No. 1006 U.S. vs. Nazario Alhambra, et al. 1903-03-30
G.R. No. 1010 U.S. vs. Juan Feria, et al. 1903-03-19
G.R. No. 1017 U.S. vs. Guillermo Villanueva 1903-03-21
G.R. No. 1021 U.S. vs. Francisco Lescano 1903-03-14
G.R. No. 1025 U.S. vs. Bonifacio Plana, et al. 1903-03-06
G.R. No. 1030 U.S. vs. Nicolas Tiquio, et al. 1903-03-11
G.R. No. 1034 Domingo Hernaez y Salinas, administrator of the intestate estate of Pedro Hernaez vs. W.F. Norris, judge of the Special Court of Negros 1903-03-31
G.R. No. 1042 U.S. vs. Exequiel Castillo, et al. 1903-03-09
G.R. No. 1046 U.S. vs. Felix Manalang 1903-03-21
G.R. No. 1047 U.S. vs. Juan De Castro 1903-03-24
G.R. No. 1060 U.S. vs. Guillermo Laureaga, et al. 1903-03-26
G.R. No. 1093 U.S. vs. Santiago Merin 1903-03-31
G.R. No. 1099 U.S. vs. Manuel Navarro, et al. 1903-03-19
G.R. No. 1101 U.S. vs. Isaac Bailoses 1903-03-16
G.R. No. 1114 U.S. vs. Bartolome Ostrea, et al. 1903-03-31
G.R. No. 1228 Juan Araneta vs. The Heirs of Tranquilino Gustilo 1903-03-19
G.R. No. 1251 Frank Mekin vs. George N. Wolfe, Warden of Bilibid Prison 1903-03-27
G.R. No. 448 U.S. vs. Philip K. Sweet 1903-04-17
G.R. No. 573 La Junta Administradora de Obras Pias vs. Ricardo Regidor and the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., by Subrogation 1903-04-21
G.R. No. 584 U.S. vs. Pedro Perez, et al. 1903-04-27
G.R. No. 957 U.S. vs. Fernando Vega, et al. 1903-04-25
G.R. No. 958 U.S. vs. Juan Babasa 1903-04-03
G.R. No. 1013 U.S. vs. Simplicio Sensano 1903-04-08
G.R. No. 1024 U.S. vs. Timoteo Candelaria, et al. 1903-04-03
G.R. No. 1041 U.S. vs. Ricardo Luciano 1903-04-02
G.R. No. 1086 U.S. vs. Vicente Regis, et al. 1903-04-07
G.R. No. 1098 U.S. vs. Licerio Mendoza 1903-04-06
G.R. No. 1106 U.S. vs. Aguedo Del Rosario, et al. 1903-04-15
G.R. No. 1113 U.S. vs. Pedro Abuan, et al. 1903-04-15
G.R. No. 1126 U.S. vs. Hermogenes Muyot 1903-04-28
G.R. No. 1127 U.S. vs. Bian Jeng 1903-04-28
G.R. No. 1128 Chiye Magatinge vs. La Electricista 1903-04-29
G.R. No. 1129 U.S. vs. Rafael Arciga, et al. 1903-04-06
G.R. No. 1131 U.S. vs. Nicasio Sevilla 1903-04-23
G.R. No. 1138 U.S. vs. Damian De La Cruz, et al. 1903-04-20
G.R. No. 1139 U.S. vs. Leandro Diaz, et al. 1903-04-08
G.R. No. 1141 U.S. vs. Eleno Liuanag, et al. 1903-04-04
G.R. No. 1143 U.S. vs. Mariano Balboa, et al. 1903-04-23
G.R. No. 1150 U.S. vs. Angel De Villa, et al. 1903-04-18
G.R. No. 1185 U.S. vs. Ventura Betiong 1903-04-14
G.R. No. 1240 Francisco Enriquez vs. Byron S. Ambler, Judge of the Court of First Instance of Manila 1903-04-18
G.R. No. 1244 La Compañia General De Tabacos vs. Miguel Tupino, et al. 1903-04-18
G.R. No. 1265 Evaristo Paynaga vs. George N. Wolfe, Warden of Bilibid Prison 1903-04-18
G.R. No. 38 Pastells And Regordosa vs. Hollman & Co. 1903-05-15
G.R. No. 39 Tuason & San Pedro vs. Gavina Zamora & Sons 1903-05-19
G.R. No. 49 The Municipality of Antipolo vs. The Community of Cainta 1903-05-11
G.R. No. 967 Dario and Gaudencio Eleizegui vs. The Manila Lawn Tennis Club 1903-05-19
G.R. No. 997 Maria Ubaldo vs. Lao-Jianquiao 1903-05-19
G.R. No. 1007 Paulino Reyes vs. Hon. Felix M. Roxas, Judge of First Instance of Rizal 1903-05-16
G.R. No. 1011 Jose Machuca vs. Chuidian, Buenaventura & Co. 1903-05-13
G.R. No. 1014 U.S. vs. Manuel Repollo et al. 1903-05-09
G.R. No. 1015 U.S. vs. Candido Repollo, et al. 1903-05-14
G.R. No. 1027 Ramon Del Rosario vs. Clemente Del Rosario 1903-05-19
G.R. No. 1043 U.S. vs. Julian Atienza 1903-05-15
G.R. No. 1044 Pedro Julia vs. Vicente Sotto 1903-05-15
G.R. No. 1049 U.S. vs. Fred L. Dorr, et al. 1903-05-16
G.R. No. 1051 U.S. vs. Fred L. Dorr, et al. 1903-05-19
G.R. No. 1053 U.S. vs. Mamerto Vargas, et al. 1903-05-07
G.R. No. 1055 Jose Acuña vs. Municipality Of The City Of Iloilo 1903-05-13
G.R. No. 1056 Agueda Benedicto vs. Esteban De La Rama 1903-05-16
G.R. No. 1072 Manuel Abello vs. Señora Paz Kock De Monasterio 1903-05-06
G.R. No. 1076 U.S. vs. Jacinto Martinez, et al. 1903-05-09
G.R. No. 1085 Rudolph Wahl, Jr., And Dr. Kurt Wahl, partners in the business firm of Rudolph Wahl and Co. vs. Donaldson, Sims & Co. 1903-05-16
G.R. No. 1096 Martin Balatbat vs. Valentin Tanjutco 1903-05-05
G.R. No. 1102 U.S. vs. Jose Tengco 1903-05-06
G.R. No. 1109 U.S. vs. Jose M. Lerma 1903-05-15
G.R. No. 1111 Felicidad Garcia De Lara vs. Jose Gonzalez De La Rama, et al. 1903-05-16
G.R. No. 1189 Alejandro Bautista vs. Hon. Elias F. Johnson, Judge of the CFI of Manila 1903-05-14
G.R. No. 1203 In the matter of the suspension of Howard D. Terrell from the practice of law. 1903-05-15
G.R. No. 1227 U.S. vs. Howard D. Terrell 1903-05-13
G.R. No. 1234 U.S. vs. E.S. Lewis 1903-05-06
G.R. No. 1336 Gabriela Aliño, et al., Petitioners, vs. Hon Ignacio Villamor, Judge of First Instance of Cavite 1903-05-14
G.R. No. 579 U.S. vs. Teodoro Pacheco, et al. 1903-07-24
G.R. No. 959 Juan Ismael vs. Manuel Guanzon 1903-07-24
G.R. No. 1002 U.S. vs. Secundino Mendezona y Mendezona 1903-07-25
G.R. No. 1079 U.S. vs. Eustaquio Daligdig 1903-07-19
G.R. No. 1259 U.S. vs. Domingo Berry 1903-07-24
G.R. No. 1332 U.S. vs. Geronimo Luzon 1903-07-31
G.R. No. 994 U.S. vs. R.W. Douglass 1903-08-31
G.R. No. 1068 Luisa Asis vs. Jorge Pardo 1903-08-05
G.R. No. 1103 U.S. and Mariano Benifayo vs. Eustaquio Rabadillas 1903-08-19
G.R. No. 1118 Vicente Gonzalez vs. Telesforo Crisanto 1903-08-06
G.R. No. 1125 Luciano Cordoba y Pascual vs. Angel Conde y Moreno 1903-08-24
G.R. No. 1149 U.S. vs. Gregorio Mabilangan 1903-08-03
G.R. No. 1173 U.S. vs. Bonifacio Fulgencio 1903-08-27
G.R. No. 1174 U.S. vs. Leon Angeles, et al. 1903-08-03
G.R. No. 1175 U.S. vs. Tomas Hinto Santos, et al. 1903-08-27
G.R. No. 1179 U.S. vs. Arthur Fitzgerald 1903-08-18
G.R. No. 1198 U.S. vs. Inocencio Mendoza, et al. 1903-08-21
G.R. No. 1208 U.S. vs. Jose Quevengco 1903-08-06
G.R. No. 1225 U.S. vs. Saturnino De La Cruz, et al. 1903-08-21
G.R. No. 1229 Francisco Gali vs. Faustino Sahagun, et al. 1903-08-19
G.R. No. 1231 U.S. vs. Isidoro Pascual, et al. 1903-08-29
G.R. No. 1255 U.S. vs. Felipe Abaigar 1903-08-17
G.R. No. 1278 Eugenio Bonaplata vs. Byron S. Ambler, judge of the CFI of Manila, and J. Mcmicking, clerk of the CFI of Manila 1903-08-01
G.R. No. 1280 U.S. vs. Isidoro Madlangbayan, et al. 1903-08-19
G.R. No. 1285 U.S. vs. Pedro Larion 1903-08-31
G.R. No. 1302 U.S. vs. Narciso Caligagan 1903-08-21
G.R. No. 1307 U.S. vs. Jose Ramos, et al. 1903-08-21
G.R. No. 1316 U.S. vs. Li-Dao 1903-08-29
G.R. No. 1331 U.S. vs. Melecio Macalintal, et al. 1903-08-25
G.R. No. 1430 Placido Banayo vs. The Municipal President of San Pablo 1903-08-12
G.R. No. 1448 Simeon Villa vs. Henry T. Allen, Chief Philippines Constabulary 1903-08-22
G.R. No. L-1147 Escolastico Duterte y Rosales vs. Florentino Rallos 1903-09-24
G.R. No. L-1164 Manuel Aldeguer, et al. vs. Henry Hoskyn 1903-09-17
G.R. No. L-1166 U.S. vs. Freeland McCray 1903-09-29
G.R. No. L-1170 Vicente Cruz, et al. vs. Maximo Joaquin 1903-09-17
G.R. No. L-1171 Roberto and Jose T. Figueras vs. Manuel Vy-Tiepco 1903-09-09
G.R. No. L-1190 U.S. vs. Honorio de Jesus, et al. 1903-09-24
G.R. No. L-1226 U.S. vs. Doroteo Sabio 1903-09-04
G.R. No. L-1237 U.S. vs. Leonardo Guinacaran, et al. 1903-09-30
G.R. No. L-1262 U.S. vs. Quirico Olaguer 1903-09-02
G.R. No. L-1274 U.S. vs. Tomas Guevara, et al. 1903-09-25
G.R. No. L-1282 U.S. vs. Simeon Figueras, et al. 1903-09-10
G.R. No. L-1288 U.S. vs. Leon Lizardo 1903-09-17
G.R. No. L-1320 U.S. vs. Florentino Lozada 1903-09-14
G.R. No. L-1328 U.S. vs. Andres Salvador 1903-09-29
G.R. No. L-1351 U.S. vs. Francisco Decusin, et al. 1903-09-25
G.R. No. L-929 Thunga Chui vs. Que Bentec 1903-10-08
G.R. No. L-981 U.S. vs. Emiliano Cajayon, et al. 1903-10-08
G.R. No. L-1136 U.S. vs. Lino De Castro 1903-10-28
G.R. No. L-1163 U.S. vs. Bartolome Magtibay, et al. 1903-10-27
G.R. No. L-1201 U.S. vs. Juan Melchor 1903-10-10
G.R. No. L-1238 U.S. and Manuel Pardo vs. Marcelo Dominguez 1903-10-09
G.R. No. L-1256 Vicente W. Pastor vs. Manuel Gaspar, et al. 1903-10-23
G.R. No. L-1257 Jose Escalante vs. Venancic Franz Francisco 1903-10-31
G.R. No. L-1294 The Philippine Sugar Estates Development Company, Ltd. vs. Victoriano Del Rosario 1903-10-31
G.R. No. L-1296 U.S. vs. Gregorio Miranda 1903-10-26
G.R. No. L-1319 U.S. vs. Tomas Zamora 1903-10-09
G.R. No. L-1347 Nicasio Veloso vs. Ang Seng Teng 1903-10-29
G.R. No. L-1358 U.S. vs. Lorenzo Duran 1903-10-23
G.R. No. L-1384 The California Manila Lumber Commercial Co. vs. Jose Garchitorena 1903-10-29
G.R. No. L-1403 Jose E. Alemany, et al. vs. Hon. John C. Sweeney 1903-10-31
G.R. No. L-1455 In the matter of the application of Frank Stanley Allen for writ of habeas corpus. 1903-10-29
G.R. No. L-414 Hongkong Bank vs. Jurado & Co. 1903-11-09
G.R. No. L-889 U.S. vs. Teodoro Oligares 1903-11-28
G.R. No. L-1084 Fred Sparrevohn vs. John Fisher 1903-11-13
G.R. No. L-1116 Telesforo De Dios Chua Soco vs. Mariano Veloso 1903-11-02
G.R. No. L-1178 Carmen Olivares y Tello vs. Hoskyn & Co., et al. 1903-11-17
G.R. No. L-1186 U.S. vs. Pedro Constantino, et al. 1903-11-18
G.R. No. L-1233 Vicente Miranda vs. Municipality Of Navotas 1903-11-07
G.R. No. L-1236 U.S. vs. Pedro Maaño, et al. 1903-11-30
G.R. No. L-1269 U.S. vs. Mateo Bumatay 1903-11-06
G.R. No. L-1299 Vicente Perez vs. Eugenio Pomar, Agent of the Compañia General de Tabacos 1903-11-16
G.R. No. L-1316 U.S. vs. Li-Dao 1903-11-12
G.R. No. L-1317 U.S. vs. Simeon Magtibay 1903-11-23
G.R. No. L-1338 U.S. vs. Julian Santos, et al. 1903-11-07
G.R. No. L-1339 U.S. vs. Pedro Magsino 1903-11-28
G.R. No. L-1366 U.S. vs. Gabriel Fuster 1903-11-18
G.R. No. L-1449 Vicente Gomez Garcia, et al. vs. Jacinta Hipolito, et al. 1903-11-30
G.R. No. L-1471 J.V. Knight vs. J. McMickingt, clerk of the CFI of Manila 1903-11-21
G.R. No. L-935 U.S. vs. Marcelo Alvarez 1903-12-05
G.R. No. L-1026 U.S. vs. Victorino Correa, et al. 1903-12-21
G.R. No. L-1056 Agueda Benedicto vs. Esteban De La Rama 1903-12-08
G.R. No. L-1167 In the matter of the suspension from the practice of the law of R.S. MacDougall 1903-12-16
G.R. No. L-1247 U.S. vs. Pablo Jamino et al. 1903-12-22
G.R. No. L-1260 U.S. vs. Francisco David, et al. 1903-12-31
G.R. No. L-1271 U.S. vs. Telesforo Dasal, et al. 1903-12-04
G.R. No. L-1303 U.S. vs. John B. Colley 1903-12-12
G.R. No. L-1312 U.S. vs. Ignacio Bundal et al. 1903-12-21
G.R. No. L-1345 U.S. vs. Jose Montano 1903-12-29
G.R. No. L-1360 U.S. vs. Adam Smith 1903-12-04
G.R. No. L-1365 U.S. vs. Gervasio Santiago et al. 1903-12-29
G.R. No. L-1374 U.S. vs. Cristino Reyes 1903-12-03
G.R. No. L-1403 Jose E. Alemany, et al. vs. John C. Sweeney, judge of the CFI of Manila 1903-12-29
G.R. No. L-1415 U.S. vs. Anastasio Mangubat et al. 1903-12-02
G.R. No. L-1423 U.S. vs. Eduardo Abaroa 1903-12-29
G.R. No. L-1441 U.S. vs. Severa Bergantino 1903-12-29
G.R. No. L-1503 U.S. vs. Alejo Ravidad, et al. 1903-12-29