1905 Jurisprudence, 1905 Cases

1905 Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is essentially the theory and philosophy of law. Students of jurisprudence aim to understand the fundamental nature of law, and to analyze its purpose, structure, and application. Jurisprudential scholars (sometimes confusingly referred to as “jurists”) hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the law, the kind of power that it exercises, and its role in human societies. At a practical level, some jurists hope to improve society by studying what the law is, what it ought to be, and how it actually operates. They seek a deeper understanding behind law’s seemingly unpredictable and uncertain nature.

This section reports 307 cases decided during the period of January 3 to December 28, 1905.

List of 1905 Jurisprudence

Citation Title Date
G.R. No. 1289 U.S. vs. Anastasio Bosito, et al. 1905-01-03
G.R. No. 1523 U.S. vs. Jacinto Sosa 1905-01-04
G.R. No. 1669 U.S. vs. Esteban Evangelista 1905-01-04
G.R. No. 1945 U.S. vs. Manuel Navarrete, et al. 1905-01-04
G.R. No. 1287 U.S. vs. Pedro Baguiao And Januario Bermudez 1905-01-05
G.R. No. 1290 U.S. vs. Regino Ayao, et al. 1905-01-05
G.R. No. 2094 U.S. vs. Manuel Tomines 1905-01-11
G.R. No. 1314 U.S. vs. Jose Samson 1905-01-12
G.R. No. 1340 U.S. vs. Claro Mendoza 1905-01-12
G.R. No. 1643 U.S. vs. Saturnino De La Cruz, et al. 1905-01-12
G.R. No. 2246 U.S. vs. Pedro Bailon 1905-01-12
G.R. No. 1536 U.S. vs. Romulo Agas 1905-01-14
G.R. No. 1565 U.S. vs. Jose Ner 1905-01-14
G.R. No. 2362 Frank De L. Carrington vs. J.J. Peterson, as sheriff of the city of Manila 1905-01-14
G.R. No. 1615 U.S. vs. Andres Ascue 1905-01-16
G.R. No. 1692 U.S. vs. Adriano Perdon 1905-01-18
G.R. No. 1874 U.S. vs. Angel Ongtengco 1905-01-18
G.R. No. 1222 U.S. vs. Mateo Lapus, et al. 1905-01-21
G.R. No. 1767 U.S. vs. Gavino Garcia 1905-01-21
G.R. No. 1851 U.S. vs. Saturnino Trinidad 1905-01-23
G.R. No. 1855 U.S. vs. Catalino Cofrada 1905-01-23
G.R. No. 1989 U.S. vs. Celedonio Nery 1905-01-23
G.R. No. 1737 U.S. vs. Petronilo Patiño, et al. 1905-01-25
G.R. No. 1757 U.S. vs. Domingo Lascano 1905-01-25
G.R. No. 1826 U.S. vs. Pablo Gabriel 1905-01-25
G.R. No. 1827 U.S. vs. Leonardo Santiago 1905-01-25
G.R. No. 1541 U.S. vs. Vicente Santillan 1905-01-27
G.R. No. 1828 U.S. vs. Fermin Mangado 1905-01-27
G.R. No. 1832 U.S. vs. Martin Sosa, et al. 1905-01-28
G.R. No. 1957 U.S. vs. Saturnino Asilo 1905-01-30
G.R. No. 1958 U.S. vs. Esteban Cabingan 1905-01-30
G.R. No. 1687 U.S. vs. Maria Solis, et al. 1905-01-31
G.R. No. 1657 U.S. vs. Sulpicio Aliño, et al. 1905-02-01
G.R. No. 1942 U.S. vs. Lope Dedicatoria 1905-02-01
G.R. No. 1459 U.S. vs. John Mack 1905-02-02
G.R. No. 1678 U.S. vs. Braulio Almasan (alias Pablo Pianga) 1905-02-02
G.R. No. 1961 U.S. vs. Esteban Bautista, et al. 1905-02-02
G.R. No. 1865 U.S. vs. Gregorio Lacanelao Santos, et al. 1905-02-03
G.R. No. 1886 U.S. vs. Candelario Cuison 1905-02-04
G.R. No. 1157 U.S. vs. Hilarion Guzman 1905-02-06
G.R. No. 1940 U.S. vs. Nicolas Palilio, et al. 1905-02-06
G.R. No. 1568 U.S. vs. Aquilino Calvo 1905-02-10
G.R. No. 2342 Concepcion Calvo vs. Angeles O. De Gutierrez, et al. 1905-02-10
G.R. No. 1162 U.S. vs. Jose Yambao 1905-02-13
G.R. No. 1686 U.S. vs. Paulino Palisoc, et al. 1905-02-13
G.R. No. 1731 U.S. vs. Daniel Marinay, et al. 1905-02-13
G.R. No. 1990 U.S. vs. Sixto Pablo 1905-02-13
G.R. No. 1728 U.S. vs. Antonio Dalusong 1905-02-15
G.R. No. 1912 U.S. vs. Enrique Caido, et al. 1905-02-15
G.R. No. 1768 U.S. vs. Catalino Gerale, et al. 1905-02-17
G.R. No. 1322 U.S. vs. Teodoro Pineda 1905-02-18
G.R. No. 1787 U.S. vs. Matias Lopena, et al. 1905-02-21
G.R. No. 1751 U.S. vs. Vicente Lozada, et al. 1905-02-23
G.R. No. 2063 U.S. vs. Tomas Birueda 1905-02-24
G.R. No. 1663 U.S. vs. Fideles Rana, et al. 1905-02-28
G.R. No. 2203 U.S. vs. Domingo Salcedo 1905-02-28
G.R. No. 1193 U.S. vs. Joseph Howard 1905-03-04
G.R. No. 1996 U.S. vs. Espiridion Roque, et al. 1905-03-06
G.R. No. 1420 U.S. vs. Benito Castroverde, et al. 1905-03-10
G.R. No. 1937 U.S. vs. Tomas Doon 1905-03-10
G.R. No. 1611 U.S. vs. Modesto Cabaya Cruz, et al. 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1677 U.S. vs. Alejo Caranto, et al. 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1685 U.S. vs. Pablo Corpus 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1758 U.S. vs. Macario Catigbac 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1931 U.S. vs. Jose Cariaso, et al. 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1944 U.S. vs. Jose Bucoy, et al. 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1986 U.S. vs. Juan Gatmaitan 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 2413 Estaquia Salcedo, et al. vs. Amanda De Marcaida De Farias 1905-03-13
G.R. No. 1503 U.S. vs. Alejo Ravidas, et al. 1905-03-14
G.R. No. 1716 U.S. vs. Isaias Aguasa, et al. 1905-03-14
G.R. No. 1902 U.S. vs. Ludivico Isais, et al. 1905-03-14
G.R. No. 892 U.S. vs. Juan Luna 1905-03-14
G.R. No. 1502 U.S. vs. Benjamin M. Goodwin, et al. 1905-03-16
G.R. No. 1770 Tomasa Fidelino vs. Benito Legarda 1905-03-16
G.R. No. 1941 U.S. vs. Tiburcio Lazaro, et al. 1905-03-16
G.R. No. 1459 U.S. vs. John Mack 1905-03-17
G.R. No. 1605 U.S. vs. Simeon Manayao, et al. 1905-03-17
G.R. No. 2012 U.S. vs. Engracio Angel, et al. 1905-03-17
G.R. No. 1901 U.S. vs. John M. Flemister 1905-03-18
G.R. No. 452 In the Matter of Jose Robles Lahesa 1905-03-18
G.R. No. 1593 U.S. vs. Benito Mercado 1905-03-20
G.R. No. 1803 U.S. vs. George Herrman 1905-03-20
G.R. No. 1804 U.S. vs. George Herrman 1905-03-20
G.R. No. 1654 U.S. vs. Felix Mabiral, et al. 1905-03-21
G.R. No. 1749 U.S. vs. Fortunato Odicta 1905-03-21
G.R. No. 1821 U.S. vs. Pedro Ortega, et al. 1905-03-21
G.R. No. 2104 Edward B. Merchant vs. Simplicio Del Rosario, judge of the Court of Land Registration 1905-03-23
G.R. No. 1461 U.S. vs. William A. Wilson 1905-03-24
G.R. No. 2270 U.S. vs. Jose Diaz y Tan Bauco 1905-03-24
G.R. No. 1741 U.S. vs. Ceferino Ibrado, et al. 1905-03-25
G.R. No. 1214 U.S. vs. Ramon Melencio 1905-03-27
G.R. No. 1580 U.S. vs. Paulino Vallados 1905-03-27
G.R. No. 1740 U.S. vs. Julio Gloria 1905-03-27
G.R. No. 1987 U.S. vs. Apolonio Mañaul, et al. 1905-03-27
G.R. No. 1332 U.S. vs. Geronimo Luzon 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1352 U.S. vs. Apolonio Caballeros, et al. 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1721 U.S. vs. Charles H. Osborn 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1726 U.S. vs. Prudencio Sornito, et al. 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1959 U.S. vs. Felix Aguilar 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1967 U.S. vs. Francisco Alban 1905-03-29
G.R. No. 1375 U.S. vs. Pacifico Gonzaga 1905-04-01
G.R. No. 1703 U.S. vs. Eusebio Capaducia 1905-04-01
G.R. No. 1760 U.S. vs. Irineo Bibal 1905-04-03
G.R. No. 1988 U.S. vs. Marcelo Caparas, et al. 1905-04-03
G.R. No. 1530 U.S. vs. Venancio Santos 1905-04-04
G.R. No. 1683 U.S. vs. Antonio Vizquera, et al. 1905-04-05
G.R. No. 1487 U.S. vs. Ismael Tan-Seco, et al. 1905-04-06
G.R. No. 1504 U.S. vs. Robert L. Highfill 1905-04-08
G.R. No. 1537 U.S. vs. Geronimo Milla, et al. 1905-04-08
G.R. No. 1540 U.S. vs. Victor Ramos, et al. 1905-04-08
G.R. No. 1862 U.S. vs. Julian Dagalea 1905-04-08
G.R. No. 1647 U.S. vs. Adaucto Ocampo 1905-04-11
G.R. No. 1897 U.S. vs. Policarpo Aquino 1905-04-11
G.R. No. 1953 U.S. vs. Paulino Fuentes, et al. 1905-04-11
G.R. No. 1588 U.S. vs. Antonio San Pedro 1905-04-12
G.R. No. 1939 U.S. vs. Guillermo Macalinao 1905-04-13
G.R. No. 1714 U.S. vs. Esteban Logario, et al. 1905-04-14
G.R. No. 1899 U.S. vs. Rufino Magsambol 1905-04-14
G.R. No. 2092 U.S. vs. Alejandro Gonzalez (alias Dando), et al. 1905-04-15
G.R. No. 2200 U.S. vs. Pantaleon Cantil, et al. 1905-04-15
G.R. No. 1557 U.S. vs. Amado Santos 1905-04-17
G.R. No. 1943 U.S. vs. Benito Santa Ana 1905-04-17
G.R. No. 2134 U.S. vs. Eusebio Cagayan, et al. 1905-04-17
G.R. No. 1486 U.S. vs. Florencio Racines, et al. 1905-04-18
G.R. No. 1727 U.S. vs. Julio De La Cruz, et al. 1905-04-18
G.R. No. 2170 U.S. vs. Juan Caday and Fortunata Navarro 1905-04-18
G.R. No. 2176 U.S. vs. Candido Fulgueras 1905-04-18
G.R. No. 1661 U.S. vs. Feliciano Villarosa 1905-04-19
G.R. No. 1755 U.S. vs. Santiago De La Cruz, et al. 1905-04-19
G.R. No. 1773 U.S. vs. Hilario Santiago, et al. 1905-04-19
G.R. No. 2000 U.S. vs. Vicente Lim Tico, et al. 1905-04-19
G.R. No. 2198 U.S. vs. Silverio Nuñez, et al. 1905-04-19
G.R. No. 1800 U.S. vs. Fermin Gregorio and Antonio Dural 1905-04-24
G.R. No. 1871 U.S. vs. Florentino Rallos 1905-04-24
G.R. No. 1881 U.S. vs. Eusebio De La Serna, et al. 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 1925 U.S. vs. Tomas Cañeta 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2029 U.S. vs. Chauncey Mcgovern 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2032 U.S. vs. Antonio Nubla 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2052 U.S. vs. Francisco Licas 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2062 U.S., et al. vs. Agustina Barrera 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2139 U.S. vs. Enrico Ilao 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 2245 U.S. vs. Francisco Javate 1905-04-25
G.R. No. 1910 U.S. vs. Roman Gustilo 1905-04-26
G.R. No. 1930 U.S. vs. Margarito Acabal, et al. 1905-04-26
G.R. No. 2118 U.S. vs. Pablo Valdehueza 1905-04-26
G.R. No. 2231 U.S. vs. Evaristo Paynaga 1905-04-26
G.R. No. 2374 Rubert & Guamis vs. John C. Sweeney 1905-04-26
G.R. No. 1181 U.S. vs. Engracio Villafuerte and Eugenia Rabano 1905-04-27
G.R. No. 1612 U.S. vs. George Gray 1905-04-27
G.R. No. 1707 U.S. vs. Juan Quilatan, et al. 1905-04-27
G.R. No. 1932 U.S. vs. Mariano Panganiban, et al. 1905-04-27
G.R. No. 1650 U.S. vs. Lino Litonjua, et al. 1905-04-28
G.R. No. 1090 U.S. vs. Toribio Gonzalez 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1633 Nicolas Cepillo Cruz vs. The Chinaman Co-Cuaco 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1766 U.S. vs. Juan Angel Michelena 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1877 U.S. vs. Ricardo Gutierrez 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1934 U.S. vs. Juan De Leon, et al. 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1981 U.S. vs. Anselmo Diris, et al. 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1984 U.S. vs. Gregorio Hernandez, et al. 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1998 U.S. vs. Anastacio Redion 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 2057 U.S. vs. Adriano Concepcion 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 2158 U.S. vs. Julian Budiao, et al. 1905-04-29
G.R. No. 1298 U.S. vs. Juan Singuimuto 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 1781 U.S. vs. Damaso Salvador, et al. 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 1883 U.S. vs. Vicente Padilla, et al. 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 1929 U.S. vs. Juan Fresnido, et al. 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 2053 U.S. vs. Matias Bunagan 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 2164 U.S. vs. Pedro Santos 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 2169 U.S. vs. Catalino Vecina, et al. 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 2487 Pablo Trinidad vs. John C. Sweeney and James J. Peterson 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 2520 Harry J. Collins vs. G.N. Wolfe, Warden of Bilibid Prison 1905-05-01
G.R. No. 1948 U.S. vs. Clemente Dirain 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 2180 U.S. vs. Domingo Candelaria, et al. 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 2186 U.S. vs. Lorenzo Balisacan, et al. 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 2188 U.S. vs. Santiago Palma, et al. 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 2208 U.S. vs. German Ramirez 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 2339 U.S. vs. Baldomero Ramos, et al. 1905-05-05
G.R. No. 984 Isidora Bermejo vs. Magdaleno Dorado 1905-06-23
G.R. No. 1181 U.S. vs. Engracio Villafuerte, et al. 1905-07-01
G.R. No. 2229 U.S. vs. Robert Mcmann 1905-07-01
G.R. No. 2302 U.S. vs. Pedro Sarabia 1905-07-01
G.R. No. 1671 Leonardo Mejia vs. Antonio Alimorong 1905-07-03
G.R. No. 1715 Vicente Inocencio, et al. vs. Rafaela Paguia, et al. 1905-07-03
G.R. No. 2160 U.S. vs. Agaton Gonzales 1905-07-07
G.R. No. 1722 U.S. vs. Thomas P. Coates 1905-07-15
G.R. No. 1759 Alejandro Montelibano vs. Emilio Ledesma 1905-07-15
G.R. No. 1951 U.S. vs. Candido Badines, et al. 1905-07-15
G.R. No. 1785 Shannon Richmond vs. Francisco Anchuelo 1905-07-17
G.R. No. 1276 U.S. vs. Candelaria De Los Angeles, et al. 1905-07-26
G.R. No. 1511 Miguel Pascual vs. Macario Angeles 1905-07-26
G.R. No. 1652 Maria Tongco vs. Sabino Manio, et al. 1905-07-26
G.R. No. 1801 Eusebia Broce, et al. vs. Catalino Broce 1905-07-26
G.R. No. 2249 U.S. vs. Yu-To Chay 1905-07-26
G.R. No. 1239 Angela Joaquin y Patricio vs. Inocencio Aragon 1905-07-28
G.R. No. 1666 Paula De Guzman vs. Fidel Rivera 1905-07-28
G.R. No. 1846 U.S. vs. Pablo Tan 1905-07-29
G.R. No. 2097 U.S. vs. Paul B. Weiss 1905-07-29
G.R. No. 1817 Jose F. Oliveros vs. Aniceta Pozon 1905-08-02
G.R. No. 2388 Deogracias Reyes vs. Manuel Siguion, et al. 1905-08-02
G.R. No. 1640 U.S. vs. Magdaleno Santa Maria, et al. 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 1743 Jose Soriano vs. The Heirs of F.L. Roxas 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 1786 Mattie E. Levy, administratrix of the estate of Samuel J. Levy vs. L.M. Johnson, W.A. Whaley, Paul Blum, and Henry Blum 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 1802 Juan Poizat, et al. vs. John C. Sweeney, judge of the CFI of Manila 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 1914 U.S. vs. Chin Tze 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 2199 U.S. vs. Raymundo Gacer 1905-08-12
G.R. No. 1454 Reymundo Eced vs. Eugenio Ocampo 1905-08-17
G.R. No. 1772 Maria Mendoza, et al. vs. Pedro Ibañez 1905-08-17
G.R. No. 1825 Isabelo Artacho vs. The Provincial Board of Pangasinan 1905-08-17
G.R. No. 1898 U.S. vs. William D. Ballentine 1905-08-17
G.R. No. 2485 Antonio De La Cruz vs. Santiago Garcia 1905-08-17
G.R. No. 1639 U.S. vs. Ricardo Delfin 1905-08-18
G.R. No. 2002 Ex Parte Nemesio Delfin Santiago—Probate Proceedings 1905-08-18
G.R. No. 1808 American Bank vs. Macondray & Co. and V.S. Wolff 1905-08-23
G.R. No. 1708 Ex Parte Pedro Arcenas, Felisberta Acevedo, et al.—Probate Proceedings 1905-08-24
G.R. No. 1815 Alejo Ebreo vs. Luisa Sichon 1905-08-24
G.R. No. 1842 Domingo Co-Yengco vs. Leon Reyes 1905-08-25
G.R. No. 1879 Julian Gonzalez Parrado vs. Jo-Juayco y Juaya 1905-08-26
G.R. No. 1572 Enrique F. Somes, heir of Manuel F. Somes vs. Wife and Son of Ignacio Gorricho 1905-09-01
G.R. No. L-2738 U.S. vs. The Moro Sarihul 1905-09-01
G.R. No. 1888 Petronila Valera vs. Severino Purugganan 1905-09-02
G.R. No. 1837 Esteban Quiros vs. D.M. Carman 1905-09-05
G.R. No. 1889 John B. Early vs. Sy-Giang 1905-09-05
G.R. No. 2027 John B. Early and Edward H. White vs. Sy-Giang, executor of the last will and testament of Joaquin Martinez Sy-Tiong-Tay 1905-09-05
G.R. No. 1783 U.S. vs. Silvino Arceo 1905-09-06
G.R. No. 1850 Natividad Aguilar vs. Placido Lazaro 1905-09-06
G.R. No. 1884 Presentacion Infante, guardian of the minor child Manuela Infante vs. Manuel T. Figuereas 1905-09-07
G.R. No. 2078 Vicente Benedicto vs. Esteban De La Rama, et al. 1905-09-07
G.R. No. 2205 Emilio Buenaventura vs. Juana Urbano, et al. 1905-09-07
G.R. No. 1875 Rudolph Wahl vs. Donaldson Sim & Co. 1905-09-09
G.R. No. 2026 Alejandro A. Santos vs. Angel Limuco, et al. 1905-09-13
G.R. No. 2122 Pedro T. Acosta vs. David Flor 1905-09-13
G.R. No. 2100 U.S. vs. Matias De La Cruz, et al. 1905-09-15
G.R. No. 2028 C. Heinszen & Co. vs. Henry M. Jones 1905-09-16
G.R. No. 2036 Maria Manona vs. Dionisio Oblero 1905-09-18
G.R. No. 2033 Rufina Causin vs. Fortunato Ricamora 1905-09-19
G.R. No. 2045 Adriano Mortiga vs. Vicente Serra and Maria Obleno 1905-09-20
G.R. No. 1746 Tomas Osmeña vs. Jose Gorordo 1905-09-21
G.R. No. 2275 U.S. vs. Ignacio Dalasay 1905-09-21
G.R. No. 1890 John B. Early vs. Sy-Giang, as executor of the last will and testament of Joaquin Martinez Sy-Tiong-Tay 1905-09-22
G.R. No. 2126 U.S. vs. Sy Vinco 1905-09-25
G.R. No. 2879 Edwin Case vs. The Metropole Hotel and Restaurant, Sociedad Anonima 1905-09-25
G.R. No. 1698 Julian Borromeo vs. Jose Franco y Franco, et al. 1905-09-26
G.R. No. 2288 U.S. vs. Felix Garcia 1905-09-27
G.R. No. 2805 Mariano Andres vs. George N. Wolfe, Warden of Bilibid Prison 1905-09-27
G.R. No. 862 Jose Vazquez vs. Benito Sanchez 1905-09-27
G.R. No. 2781 Victor Lopez, Plaintiff, vs. W. Morgan Shuster, Collector of Customs, and the Board of Philippine Marine Examiners 1905-09-28
G.R. No. 1913 Francisco Rodriguez vs. Francisco Martinez 1905-09-29
G.R. No. 2086 P. Eladio Alonso vs. The Municipality of Placer 1905-09-29
G.R. No. 2366 Patricia Abolencia vs. Guillermo Maaño 1905-09-29
G.R. No. 1472 E.J. Smith and Rafael Reyes, proprietors of the Philippine Gas Light Company vs. Jacinta Lopez and Ignacia Lopez De Pineda 1905-09-30
G.R. No. 1876 U.S. vs. Smith, Bell & Company 1905-09-30
G.R. No. 2808 Felix Barcelon vs. David J. Baker, Jr., and John Doe Thompson 1905-09-30
G.R. No. L-2123 Vicente Nery Lim-Chingco vs. Crisanta Terariray, et al. 1905-10-03
G.R. No. L-2124 Simeon Du-Yungo vs. Macario Barrera 1905-10-07
G.R. No. L-2137 U.S. vs. Domingo Baluyut 1905-10-09
G.R. No. L-1273 U.S. vs. Benito Vargas and Segundo Catajan 1905-10-10
G.R. No. L-1700 Miguel Piccio Araneta vs. Jose Garrido 1905-10-12
G.R. No. L-1962 Jose Pineda, et al. vs. Gabino Gasataya 1905-10-12
G.R. No. L-2054 U.S. vs. Matias Bunagan 1905-10-14
G.R. No. L-2091 Compañia General De Tabacos vs. Sebastian Victor Molina, et al. 1905-10-18
G.R. No. L-2238 Leoncia Liuanag vs. Yu-Sonquian 1905-10-19
G.R. No. L-2284 U.S. vs. Jose Paraiso 1905-10-20
G.R. No. L-2631 Edwin H. Warner vs. 771 Objectors-Appellants 1905-10-21
G.R. No. L-1847 Vidal Causin vs. Dionisio Jakosalem 1905-10-23
G.R. No. L-2536 Silvina Legaspi vs. John C. Sweeney, judge of the CFI of Manila 1905-10-23
G.R. No. L-1442 Jose Regalado vs. Maria Gonzaga, et al. 1905-10-24
G.R. No. L-1750 Guillermo Baxter and G. Gaxter & Co. vs. Zosimo Zuazua, et al. 1905-10-26
G.R. No. L-1923 Ignacio De Icaza, et al. vs. Mateo Perez y Ortega 1905-10-26
G.R. No. L-2346 Albino Santos, et al. vs. Simplicio Del Rosario, judge of the Court of Land Registration 1905-10-26
G.R. No. L-1403 Jose E. Alemany and Andrea Atayde vs. Juana Moreno 1905-10-27
G.R. No. L-2599 Carmen Linart y Pavia vs. Maria Juana Ugarte E Iturralde 1905-10-27
G.R. No. L-2651 Macario Castro vs. Carmen Castro 1905-10-27
G.R. No. L-1595 Carmen Ayala De Roxas vs. Juana Valencia 1905-10-28
G.R. No. L-2353 Zoilo Garcia Vasquez vs. P.B. Florence 1905-10-28
G.R. No. L-2945 B.H. Macke, et al. vs. Jose Camps 1905-10-28
G.R. No. L-1619 Filomena Villarruel y Basilio vs. Petronila Encarnacion 1905-12-02
G.R. No. L-1638 Antonio Iribar, et al. vs. Millat, Marty & Mitjans, et al. 1905-12-02
G.R. No. L-2273 U.S. vs. Francis J. Berry 1905-12-04
G.R. No. L-1594 U.S. vs. Silvino Roxas 1905-12-05
G.R. No. L-2168 U.S. vs. Blas Casañas, et al. 1905-12-05
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