1908 Jurisprudence, 1908 Cases

1908 Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is essentially the theory and philosophy of law. Students of jurisprudence aim to understand the fundamental nature of law, and to analyze its purpose, structure, and application. Jurisprudential scholars (sometimes confusingly referred to as “jurists”) hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the law, the kind of power that it exercises, and its role in human societies. At a practical level, some jurists hope to improve society by studying what the law is, what it ought to be, and how it actually operates. They seek a deeper understanding behind law’s seemingly unpredictable and uncertain nature.

This section reports 426 cases decided during the period of January 2 to December 28, 1908.

List of 1908 Jurisprudence

Citation Title Date
G.R. No. L-2080 The United States vs. Felix Melliza (alias Pinga), et al. 1908-01-07
G.R. No. L-2554 Antonio Mina vs. Victorino Lustina 1908-01-22
G.R. No. L-2625 Jose Iturralde vs. Ramon Magcauas 1908-01-16
G.R. No. L-2997 Jose Iturralde vs. Antonio Garduño 1908-01-16
G.R. No. L-3008 The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. vs. Certain Municipalities in the Province of Iloilo, et al. 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-3013 The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. vs. Certain Municipalities in the Province of Ilocos Sur, et al. 1908-01-24
G.R. No. L-3015 The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. vs. Certain Municipalities in the Province of Oriental Negros, et al. 1908-01-23
G.R. No. L-3128 Un Pak Leung vs. Juan Nigorra, et al. 1908-01-04
G.R. No. L-3133 The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. vs. the Municipalities of Cuyapo, Aliaga, San Antonio, San Isidro, Cabanatuan, Talavera, and Lucab, Province of Nueva Ecija, et al. 1908-01-02
G.R. No. L-3155 John Bordman vs. the Insular Government, et al. 1908-01-22
G.R. No. L-3196 Carmen Zamora Gonzaga y Pilar vs. Pedro Martinez, et al. 1908-01-06
G.R. No. L-3282 Ricardo Aguado vs. The City of Manila 1908-01-09
G.R. No. L-3355 Bonifacio Mendoza, et al. vs. Francisco Nabong, et al. 1908-01-22
G.R. No. L-3481 Gabino Pisarrillo, et al. vs. Vicente Ladia, et al. 1908-01-30
G.R. No. L-3502 Rafael Enriquez, et al. vs. Florencia Victoria, et al. 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-3533 Juan Tuason vs. Ceferino Domingo Lim 1908-01-29
G.R. No. L-3538 La Sociedad “Germinal,” vs. Manuel Nubla 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-3592 Dalmacio Francisco vs. Geronimo Tabada 1908-01-14
G.R. No. L-3595 Domingo Ledesma vs. Gregorio Marcos 1908-01-17
G.R. No. L-3603 Diego Ruguian, et al. vs. Roman Ruguian 1908-01-09
G.R. No. L-3631 Warner, Barnes & Co., Limited vs. Roman Jaucian, et al. 1908-01-08
G.R. No. L-3673 Mariano Guerrero vs. Antonio Miguel 1908-01-29
G.R. No. L-3687 U.S. vs. John Hazley, Jr. 1908-01-10
G.R. No. L-3705 U.S. vs. Felix Boquilon 1908-01-24
G.R. No. L-3731 J.T. Cassells vs. Robert R. Reid and Juan T. Figueras, as administrators of the estate of John Henry Grindrod 1908-01-15
G.R. No. L-3736 Alexander Dragon vs. Carmen de la Cavada de Enriquez, Francisco Enriquez, and Vicente D. Conde 1908-01-02
G.R. No. L-3764 Luisa Peña vs. W.H. Mitchell 1908-01-15
G.R. No. L-3771 Pedro P. Roxas vs. Alejandro and Consolacion Aguirre 1908-01-02
G.R. No. L-3772 Laurente Baldovino vs. Pedro Amenos, et al. 1908-01-10
G.R. No. L-3777 U.S. vs. Nicolasa Pascual 1908-01-06
G.R. No. L-3782 Antonio Zaragoza vs. the Estate of the Deceased Ramon M. de Viademonte 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-3784 Antonio Alvarez, for himself and in representation of his wife, Atanasia Carlos vs. the Insular Government 1908-01-16
G.R. No. L-3800 Marcela Perizuelo, et al. vs. Teodoro S. Benedicto et al. 1908-01-17
G.R. No. L-3802 Tomas Sunico, executor of the estate of Telesforo Chuidian vs. Francisco Chuidian; Francisco Chuidian vs. the Estate of Telesforo Chuidian et al. 1908-01-17
G.R. No. L-3832 U.S. vs. Isaias Gonzalez, et al. 1908-01-31
G.R. No. L-3833 Juan Azarraga vs. Jose Rodriguez 1908-01-18
G.R. No. L-3834 Isodora Gacrama, et al. vs. Maria Lozada, et al. 1908-01-13
G.R. No. L-3857 U.S. vs. Manuel Da Silva 1908-01-28
G.R. No. L-3859 The United States and Romana Nalles vs. Felix Arlante 1908-01-15
G.R. No. L-3866 E.B. Merchant vs. the International Banking Corporation 1908-01-11
G.R. No. L-3874 U.S. vs. Emilio Leyva 1908-01-28
G.R. No. L-3882 U.S. vs. Martin Rubio Co-Pinco 1908-01-31
G.R. No. L-3888 Henry W. Eliot vs. Catalina Montemayor and Mateo Cunanan 1908-01-23
G.R. No. L-3889 Josefa Varela vs. Antonio Matute 1908-01-02
G.R. No. L-3890 Josefa Varela vs. Josephine Finnick 1908-01-02
G.R. No. L-3934 U.S. vs. Ambrosio Estabillo and Roman Estabillo 1908-01-21
G.R. No. L-3940 Miller, Sloss and Scott vs. Henry M. Jones, alias Enrique M. Jones 1908-01-20
G.R. No. L-3947 U.S. vs. Simeon Agravante, et al. Simeon Agravante 1908-01-28
G.R. No. L-3956 U.S. vs. Emilio Carrero 1908-01-10
G.R. No. L-3970 U.S. vs. Bonifacio Bunsalan 1908-01-14
G.R. No. L-3981 U.S. and Maria De Jesus vs. Gaspar Alvir 1908-01-14
G.R. No. L-3987 U.S. vs. Lorenzo Tupas 1908-01-08
G.R. No. L-3993 U.S. vs. Teofilo Algurra 1908-01-18
G.R. No. L-3997 U.S. vs. Agapito Lazada 1908-01-08
G.R. No. L-4010 Victor Ravago vs. Macario Bacud, et al. 1908-01-30
G.R. No. L-4019 U.S. vs. Jose Dimayuga 1908-01-22
G.R. No. L-4023 U.S. vs. Benito Manansala, et al. 1908-01-09
G.R. No. L-4029 In the Matter of the Will of Dominga Butalid 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-4030 Maria Aniversario vs. Florencio Ternate 1908-01-29
G.R. No. L-4034 U.S. vs. Ciriaco Empeinado, et al. 1908-01-16
G.R. No. L-4036 H.J. Andrews vs. Juan Morente Rosario, et al. 1908-01-17
G.R. No. L-4044 W.H. Sammons vs. Macario Favila 1908-01-10
G.R. No. L-4046 Pedro Casimiro vs. Jose Fernandez, et al. 1908-01-13
G.R. No. L-4070 Jose R. Infante vs. Catalina Montemayor 1908-01-09
G.R. No. L-4149 Enrique F. Somes vs. Rafael Molina y Salvador, et al. 1908-01-20
G.R. No. L-4153 U.S. vs. Pablo Guevara 1908-01-25
G.R. No. L-4183 U.S. vs. Andres Soriano 1908-01-13
G.R. No. L-4184 Lucila Boydon vs. Mateo Antonio Felix 1908-01-15
G.R. No. L-4188 Emile H. Johnson vs. Sancho Balantacbo 1908-01-18
G.R. No. L-4202 U.S. vs. Sia Tao and Sia Poy 1908-01-13
G.R. No. L-4273 Vicenta Fabie y Gutierrez, et al. vs. the City of Manila 1908-01-30
G.R. No. L-4387 Vicente Priolo vs. Pedro Priolo 1908-01-13
G.R. No. L-3471 The International Banking Corporation vs. Francisco Martinez, et al. 1908-02-28
G.R. No. L-3472 The International Banking Corporation vs. Francisco Martinez, et al. 1908-02-29
G.R. No. L-3720 Maria Cosio, et al. vs. Antonino and Jesus Pili 1908-02-03
G.R. No. L-3751 Eduarda Benedicto, administratrix of the estate of Maximino Jalandoni vs. Julio Javellana 1908-02-21
G.R. No. L-3770 Carlos Pabia Sy Chung-Quiong vs. Felipa Sy-Tiong Tay Cuansi, et al. 1908-02-17
G.R. No. L-3793 Cirilo Mapa vs. the Insular Government 1908-02-19
G.R. No. L-3806 Mariano Madamba vs. Pelagia Magno, et al. 1908-02-04
G.R. No. L-3860 U.S. vs. Faustino Tremoya 1908-02-05
G.R. No. L-3870 Lazaro Remo, et al. vs. Pastor Espinosa 1908-02-14
G.R. No. L-3875 U.S. vs. Januario Francisco 1908-02-19
G.R. No. L-3898 The City of Manila vs. Tomas Cabangis 1908-02-18
G.R. No. L-3906 U.S. vs. Jacinto Paguia, et al., V Lim Tico and Uy Sia 1908-02-05
G.R. No. L-3937 U.S., et al. vs. Juan Salud 1908-02-24
G.R. No. L-3939 Mendezona & Co. vs. Mariano Moreno 1908-02-17
G.R. No. L-3960 Gil Hermanos vs. John S. Hord 1908-02-27
G.R. No. L-3962 U.S. vs. Ling Su Fan 1908-02-10
G.R. No. L-3967 U.S. vs. Santiago Maquilan 1908-02-20
G.R. No. L-3971 U.S. vs. Hilario Braganza and Martin Salibio 1908-02-03
G.R. No. L-3974 U.S. vs. Isidro Jamero 1908-02-14
G.R. No. L-3998 U.S. vs. Pomposo Burgueta and Gregorio Salvacion 1908-02-19
G.R. No. L-4005 U.S. vs. Rufo Reyes 1908-02-03
G.R. No. L-4014 Genario Heredia vs. Ramon Salinas 1908-02-18
G.R. No. L-4043 Roman De La Rosa vs. Gregorio Revita Santos 1908-02-17
G.R. No. L-4067 Frederick E. Morey vs. Lao Layco, et al. 1908-02-29
G.R. No. L-4092 U.S. vs. Daniel Campo 1908-02-06
G.R. No. L-4108 U.S. vs. Doroteo Galit Quinto 1908-02-12
G.R. No. L-4125 Frederick Garfield Waite vs. F. Theodore Rogers, et al.; J.J. Peterson, sheriff of the city of Manila vs. Chas. P. Newberry, et al. 1908-02-05
G.R. No. L-4138 Sy Hong Eng vs. Sy Lioc Suy 1908-02-25
G.R. No. L-4139 U.S. vs. Juan San Luis 1908-02-18
G.R. No. L-4159 U.S. vs. Juan Gallego 1908-02-27
G.R. No. L-4165 U.S. vs. Simeon Gamalinda and Four Others Unknown 1908-02-08
G.R. No. L-4189 U.S. vs. Seymour Addison 1908-02-28
G.R. No. L-4193 Isidoro Santos vs. Modesto Reyes, et al. 1908-02-11
G.R. No. L-4195 The Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company vs. the Government of the Philippine Islands 1908-02-18
G.R. No. L-4217 U.S. vs. Ceferino Cauas 1908-02-12
G.R. No. L-4251 Clemente Manotoc, guardian of his minor children Ceferino, Benita, et al. vs. Jose McMicking, sheriff of the city of Manila, and Gregorio Trinidad 1908-02-10
G.R. No. L-4255 U.S. vs. Julio Autiz, et al. 1908-02-27
G.R. No. L-4298 U.S. vs. Francisco Maravilla 1908-02-28
G.R. No. L-4319 Strong & Trowbridge, et al. vs. the Van Buskirk-Crook Company 1908-02-19
G.R. No. L-4328 U.S. vs. Jose Crame 1908-02-13
G.R. No. L-4335 U.S. vs. Pedro Lindio 1908-02-19
G.R. No. L-4346 U.S. vs. Mariano Pescador 1908-02-29
G.R. No. L-4366 U.S. vs. Juan Garcia 1908-02-28
G.R. No. L-4402 U.S. vs. Felix Yape and Andres Alde 1908-02-21
G.R. No. L-4469 Felipe G. Calderon vs. Jose McMicking, clerk of the CFI of Manila 1908-02-29
G.R. No. L-4489 Ramon Hontiveros vs. Jose C. Abreu, judge of First Instance of the 15th Judicial District, and Antonio Habana 1908-02-25
G.R. No. L-4512 Gregorio Abendan vs. Martin Llorente, et al. 1908-02-25
G.R. No. L-4552 Arthur F. Yambert vs. J. McMicking, sheriff of the city of Manila 1908-02-05
G.R. No. L-4576 Mauro Navarro vs. Casiano Gimenez 1908-02-27
G.R. No. L-2129 C. Heinzen & Co. vs. James J. Peterson and the First National Bank of Hawaii 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-2674 Joaquin Jover y Costas vs. The Insular Government and the City of Manila the Insular Government 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-3007 The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. vs. The Municipality of Badoc, et al. 1908-03-30
G.R. No. L-3279 The City of Manila vs. the Insular Government, et al. 1908-03-11
G.R. No. L-3339 Rosa Llorente vs. Ceferino Rodriguez, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-3357 U.S. vs. A.W. Prautch 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-3457 Yu Bunuan, et al. vs. Orestes Marcaida 1908-03-02
G.R. No. L-3469 Josefa Aguirre vs. Manuel Villaba 1908-03-31
G.R. No. L-3523 Caridad Muguruza, administratrix of the estate of Ricardo Regidor vs. The International Banking Corporation 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-3539 Manuel Ramirez, et al. vs. The Insular Government 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-3550 Go Chioco vs. Inchausti & Co. 1908-03-23
G.R. No. L-3606 Ignacio Acasio vs. Felicisima Albano 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-3612 Domingo Lim vs. Jose Lim 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-3699 U.S. vs. Benito Cusi, et al. Benito Cusi 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-3717 Felix Velasco vs. Martin Masa 1908-03-05
G.R. No. L-3762 The Government of the Philippine Islands vs. Alejandro Amechazurra, et al. 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-3780 U.S. vs. Pedro Sellano 1908-03-23
G.R. No. L-3811 U.S. vs. Francisco Blanco 1908-03-07
G.R. No. L-3812 The Philippine Sugar Estates Development Company, Ltd. vs. Barry Baldwin 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-3848 U.S. vs. Andres Gimeno 1908-03-13
G.R. No. L-3855 Eufemia Loreto vs. Julio Herrera 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-3880 Teopista Castro, et al. vs. Antonio Martinez Gallegos, et al. Ramon Velez 1908-03-09
G.R. No. L-3904 Ko Poco vs. H.B. McCoy 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-3907 Roman Abaya vs. Donata Zalamero 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-3951 U.S. vs. Feliciano Garcia, et al. 1908-03-14
G.R. No. L-3968 U.S. vs. Marcos Lopez, et al. Marcos Lopez 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-3975 U.S. vs. Angel Marin 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-4007 Warner Barnes & Co. vs. E. Diaz & Co. 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-4012 Maximo Cortes y Prospero vs. The City of Manila 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-4017 U.S. vs. Pedro Mariño 1908-03-28
G.R. No. L-4026 U.S. vs. Pascual Dulay 1908-03-07
G.R. No. L-4037 Lim Jao Lu vs. H.B. McCoy 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-4051 Catalina Bernardo vs. Vicente Genato 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-4063 U.S. vs. Juan Mariño and Dionisio Mapalad 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-4065 Bruno Villanueva vs. Maxima Roque, et al. 1908-03-02
G.R. No. L-4077 Macaria Matias vs. Agustin Alvarez 1908-03-17
G.R. No. L-4078 Concepcion Mendiola vs. Nicolasa Pacalda 1908-03-31
G.R. No. L-4085 Carls Palanca Tanguinlay vs. Francisco G. Quiros, et al. 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-4087 U.S. vs. Amador Barrios 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-4091 U.S. vs. Bernabe Bacho 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-4100 Maria Singayan vs. Calixta Mabborang, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4104 Jao Igco vs. W. Morgan Shuster 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4109 U.S. vs. Juliana Torres Ramona R. Evangelista, Jose Tejuco, and Magdalena De Castro 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-4121 U.S. vs. Pedro Garcia 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4127 U.S. vs. Charles J. Kosel 1908-03-17
G.R. No. L-4131 Serapio Averia vs. Lucio Reboldera 1908-03-09
G.R. No. L-4132 In the Matter of the Will of Maria Siason y Madrid de Ledesma 1908-03-23
G.R. No. L-4146 U.S. vs. Petra de Guzman 1908-03-13
G.R. No. L-4147 Agripino de la Rama vs. Concepcion Sanchez, et al. 1908-03-19
G.R. No. L-4155 Ruperto Belzunce vs. Valentina Fernandez, et al. 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4158 U.S. vs. Mateo Cariño, et al. 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4160 Angel Gustilo, et al. vs. Federico Matti, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4167 Rafaela Salmo vs. Luisa Icaza, et al. 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-4169 Wilhelm Bauermann vs. Maxima Casas, et al. 1908-03-14
G.R. No. L-4174 U.S. vs. Quintin Tabal, et al. 1908-03-09
G.R. No. L-4175 A.W. Bean, administrator of the estate of George Case vs. The B.W. Cadwallader Company 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4196 Benwit Ullmann vs. Felix Ullmann and Co. 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4198 Juan Mercado vs. Jose Abangan 1908-03-30
G.R. No. L-4200 U.S. vs. Segundo Samonte 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-4203 Manuel Crame Sy Panco vs. Ricardo Gonzaga, et al. 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-4205 Julian Cabañas vs. The Director of Lands 1908-03-16
G.R. No. L-4207 Juan Valle vs. Sixto Galera, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4209 The International Banking Corporation vs. Pilar Corrales, et al. Cho Han Ling 1908-03-19
G.R. No. L-4213 U.S. vs. Potenciano Reyes 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-4215 Lucio I. Limpangco vs. Juana Mercado, et al. 1908-03-23
G.R. No. L-4222 U.S. vs. Basilio Cernias (alias Hangas) 1908-03-30
G.R. No. L-4233 Exequiel Delgado vs. Manuel Riesgo, et al. 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-4237 Serafin Uy Piaoco vs. Jose McMicking, sheriff of the city of Manila, Antonio R. Bayan Ju, Yap Qui Chin and Khy Pack 1908-03-05
G.R. No. L-4241 Agustin G. Gavieres vs. the Administrator of the Intestate Estate of Luisa, Peña, and William Robinson 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4257 Simon Mosesgeld Santiago vs. Rufino Quimson et al. 1908-03-31
G.R. No. L-4265 U.S. vs. Luis Pascual 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4274 Jose Alano, et al. vs. Jose Babasa 1908-03-23
G.R. No. L-4281 Jose Garrido vs. Agustin Asencio 1908-03-30
G.R. No. L-4300 Maria Barretto, administratrix of the estate of Marcelo Dominguez vs. Leona Reyes 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-4318 U.S. vs. Generoso Academia 1908-03-18
G.R. No. L-4322 Inocente Martinez vs. G.E. Campbell, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4324 U.S. vs. Casimiro Ollales, et al. Francisco Sobrejuanete 1908-03-21
G.R. No. L-4341 U.S. vs. Marcos Rojo 1908-03-12
G.R. No. L-4347 Jose Rogers vs. Smith, Bell, & Co. 1908-03-09
G.R. No. L-4352 U.S. vs. Ricardo Bayot 1908-03-24
G.R. No. L-4354 U.S. vs. Candido Poblete 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-4372 Enrique M. Barretto vs. the City of Manila 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-4376 U.S. vs. Lim Sip (alias Tanqui), et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4377 U.S. vs. Vicente Garcia Gavieres 1908-03-30
G.R. No. L-4399 Benito Legarda vs. S.L.P. Rocha y Ruizdelgado, et al. 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4418 U.S. vs. Andres V. Estrada 1908-03-25
G.R. No. L-4420 U.S. vs. Narciso Caguimbal, et al. 1908-03-26
G.R. No. L-4436 U.S. vs. Francisco Castro Di Tian Lay 1908-03-20
G.R. No. L-4438 U.S. vs. Jacinto Sunga and Clara Bautista Clara Bautista 1908-03-07
G.R. No. L-4447 Murphy, Morris & Co. vs. The Collector of Customs of the Philippine Islands 1908-03-06
G.R. No. L-4469 Felipe G. Calderon vs. Jose Mcmicking, clerk of the CFI of the City of Manila 1908-03-27
G.R. No. L-469 T.H. Pardo De Tavera, et al., Trustees of the College of San Jose vs. The Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, et al. 1908-03-13
G.R. No. L-4219 U.S. vs. Enrique Posoc, et al. 1908-04-01
G.R. No. L-4225 Justo Siping, representing his wife, Faustina Elefante vs. Angel Cacob 1908-04-01
G.R. No. L-4231 Castle Brothers, Wolfe and Sons vs. Gutierrez Hermanos 1908-04-01
G.R. No. L-4242 Mariano Ramos vs. Eugenio Marquez 1908-04-01
G.R. No. L-4371 Francisco Teran vs. Philip Seldner 1908-04-01
G.R. No. L-280 U.S. vs. Eleuterio Marasigan 1908-07-25
G.R. No. L-3386 Rufo Masecampo vs. Pablo Masecampo 1908-07-18
G.R. No. L-3598 Miguel Fabie y Gutierrez vs. Julita Lichauco, and the Children of Francisco L. Roxas 1908-07-24
G.R. No. L-3841 Chung Kiat (alias Sung Kiat) vs. Lim Kio, et al. 1908-07-25
G.R. No. L-4101 In the Matter of the Estate of Josefa Garcia Pascual 1908-07-27
G.R. No. L-4191 U.S. vs. Louis A. Dowdell, Jr., and Wilson W. Harn 1908-07-18
G.R. No. L-4327 U.S. vs. Gaudioso Gamboa, et al. 1908-07-29
G.R. No. L-4360 Go Tiam Ting vs. Di Ping Jo, et al. 1908-07-22
G.R. No. L-4408 Austin Craig, as administrator of the Estate of Ramon Valencia vs. Servulo Leuterio 1908-07-30
G.R. No. L-4800 Potenciano Aragon vs. The Hon. Manuel, Araullo, as Judge of the CFI of Manila, et al. 1908-07-18
G.R. No. L-4855 Isabelo Artacho vs. Tan Chu Chay, Jas. C. Jenkins, as Judge of the CFI of Pangasinan, and Antonio Sison, as sheriff of said province 1908-07-30
G.R. No. L-3818 Edward B. Merchant vs. The City of Manila, et al. 1908-08-19
G.R. No. L-3831 U.S. vs. Canuto Butardo and Valentin Butardo 1908-08-06
G.R. No. L-3837 Benigno Catabian vs. Francisco Tungcul 1908-08-01
G.R. No. L-3897 Zacarias Omo vs. The Insular Government 1908-08-10
G.R. No. L-4015 Angel Javellana vs. Jose Lim, et al. 1908-08-24
G.R. No. L-4027 The Intestate Estate of Josefa Garcia Pascual vs. Luis Palomar Baldovi 1908-08-12
G.R. No. L-4032 U.S. vs. Marcelo F. Concepcion 1908-08-15
G.R. No. L-4054 U.S. vs. Guillermo Alvarado 1908-08-14
G.R. No. L-4133 U.S. vs. Pedro Dulfo 1908-08-10
G.R. No. L-4141 Agustina Faelnar, et al. vs. Jacinta Escaño 1908-08-15
G.R. No. L-4223 Nicolas Lunod, et al. vs. Higino Meneses 1908-08-19
G.R. No. L-4277 Potenciana Tabigue vs. Frank E. Green 1908-08-18
G.R. No. L-4282 U.S. vs. Chiong Chuico, Yap-Ynting, Chiong Chang, Yap-Suangco, Lim Ui, Uy-Jan-Lling, and Lim-Tiongco 1908-08-18
G.R. No. L-4287 The Philippine Products Company vs. The Collector of Customs 1908-08-18
G.R. No. L-4317 U.S. vs. Santiago Montecillo 1908-08-18
G.R. No. L-4382 U.S. vs. Pedro Fernandez (alias Infanteria), et al. 1908-08-20
G.R. No. L-4330 U.S. vs. Benito Fenix 1908-08-15
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G.R. No. L-4926 Gregorio de Leon vs. Padre Saturnino Trinidad 1908-12-17
G.R. No. L-5041 Alfonso Debrunner vs. Joaquin Jaramillo 1908-12-22