Rules of Court, Rules of Procedure, and other Remedial Laws

Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure embody the procedural rules and standards that courts and parties to litigation follow when adjudicating lawsuits. It lies at the very core of procedural due process by providing the means or methods whereby causes of action may be effectuated, wrongs redressed, and relief obtained. They affect a remedy as distinguished from those which affect or modify a substantive right or duty.

These rules govern how a lawsuit or case may be commenced, what kind of service of process (if any) is required, the types of pleadings or statements of case, motions or applications, and orders allowed in cases, the timing and manner of depositions and discovery or disclosure, the conduct of trials, the process for judgment, various available remedies, how the courts and clerks must function, admissibility, proffer of, and degree of evidence, and the rules governing the practice of law.

List of Rules of Procedure

Citation Title Date
Rules of Court The Rules of Court 2000-10-03
A.M. No. 004-07-SC Rule on Examination of a Child Witness 2000-11-21
A.M. No. 01-7-01-SC Rules on Electronic Evidence 2001-07-17
A.M. No. 02-6-02-SC Rule on Adoption 2002-08-02
A.M. No. 02-11-11-SC Rules on Legal Separation 2003-03-04
A.M. No. 02-11-12-SC Rules on Provisional Orders 2003-03-04
A.M. No. 02-11-10-SC Rule on Declaration of Absolute Nullity of Void Marriages and Annulment of Voidable Marriages 2003-03-04
A.M. No. 03-02-05-SC Rule on Guardianship of Minors 2003-04-01
A.M. No. 03-04-04-SC Rule on Custody of Minors and Writ of Habeas Corpus in Relation to Custody of Minors 2003-04-22
A.M. No. 04-10-11-SC Rule on Violence Against Women and Their Children 2004-10-19
A.M. No. 06-11-5-SC Rule on DNA Evidence 2007-10-02
A.M. No. 09-6-8-SC Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases 2010-04-13